Here’s Why The Super Blue Blood Moon Could Mean ‘The End’ Of Your Relationship

The month of January is really special because of the huge event that is anxiously awaited by so many spiritualists all around the world On January, 31st, we will have the chance to witness a Blue Blood Moon. This event happens during the full lunar eclipse and it really is a cosmic event.

If you heard that 2018 is going to be a year of radical changes, the reason is the Super Blue Blood Moon and the full lunar eclipse.On January 31, the blue blood moon will be happening in Leo. This will be the first time that a blue moon (two moons within the same month), a supermoon (a full moon that comes as close to the earth as it can in its orbit), and a lunar eclipse (also known as a blood moon) have happened simultaneously in more than 150 years. That means that the kind of emotional energy that mother moon will be shining on the planet is both extremely rare and extremely potent. Huge energy waves will be released and all of us will be granted with some potentials. All of us will gain a nice opportunity to change for the better and dig deeper inside our souls.

In this article, we share why the blood moon could mean the end of your relationship.


Always have this thought in your mind. You need to understand that you must not be afraid of changes. First of all, the human is the most adaptable creature on Earth, both mentally and physically. Second, changes are natural and you will change for the whole lifetime, want it or not. Your body, for an example, will dramatically change through the years. On the other hand, when it comes to relationships, you need to be very well aware that if a relationship ends, it was meant to be. You were meant to be with someone better.

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The huge lunar eclipse will show you the way. If you must change something in your life, you will feel it in your guts.


The moon’s energy will stand by your side. You will be protected of suffering. Relationships of interests and without true love always end in failure. If you keep adysfunctionall relationship, that means you are only delaying the end, or you may do the worse, continue lying yourself and suffering in an unhappy marriage. That’s why you need to know that the moon’s protective power will watch upon you. Breaking up in a long-lasting relationship is very painful, but fear not, the moon’s energy has high-vibration negative ions that will be directed directly to you. You need to be brave and have faith.


The moon will “take care of the consequences”. The moon will let you heal your soul and if you are spiritually advanced person, you can use some meditation techniques to completely heal your soul and find a nice getaway for your thoughts. Breaking up is hard, but like we already said, it is a new beginning. The moon’s healing energy will let you feel at ease and be constantly “splashed” by waves of nice emotions and positive energy. However, you need to spend more time with yourself, meditating, thinking about your decision and, of course, thinking about what you really want in future.

Source: Tetribe

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