Intuition Test: Choose One Tarot Card To Reveal Your Message Of Synchronicity For 2018


Since ancient times the TAROT has been a great and very accurate instrument for predicting person’s future events related to many subjects such as love, money and personal success. For this reason, we are showing you six cards turned from their back, and all you have to do is rely on your inner instinct and pick one. Be certain in your choice, and don’t overthink it. The card you’ll pick will reveal what this new year hold for you. You’ll be surprised at the accuracy of this test.

If you chose #1 – T H R E E o f W A N D S –



This card is a symbol of adventure, exploration, growth, passion and action. Go beyond the horizon and never look back. You are born to make significant changes in the people around you, to encourage them to start a journey too and let you help them grow as a person. Like you already guess, you are a natural born leader and you know how to make a good decision.There is a male – father/grandfather – energy that is helping you into the new year. He would have been a practical/pragmatic male who saw life in a very black/white, engineering type of way. He is helping you stay in the now so that you don’t get caught up in the would-ofs/should-ofs that life sometimes dishes out. This year, 2018, is considered to be the year of radical changes and if you really picked this card, this is the perfect year to change the life for the better.


If you chose #2 – N I N E o f C U P S –


Card of pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment, success, bounty, and health. The person who chose this card will certainly feel the great positive energy the new year brought. Life is very hard sometimes, but sometimes is a pure excitement and satisfaction. These things are among the true things in life worth living for.

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The Nine of Cups is also a symbol of all hardworking men and women who are struggling for their personal success. The Nine of Cups is the reward that comes always after the hard work. Your positivity and insight will influence others to follow your path. You will be a true inspiration for many and also, you will have the chance to develop yourself into a better person and be what you always wanted to be. The time for personal success has come.

If you choose # 3- CHARIOT-


Victory, strong will, establishing an identity, self-confidence, discipline and authority- these are the signs of this special card. You need to be prepared for a journey that is going to determine your life path. Your last journey in the past couple of years may have been very unsuccessful and a huge failure, but to people like your progress and success come slowly. You don’t need to rush and be too much proud. You need to focus on your true goals and trust your own abilities. Be careful of the self-doubt!

This is the time when you need to learn that every end is a new beginning and also, to acknowledge the fact that everything changes, so do you. However, you must not forget that your confidence and strong will is your strongest weapon this year. The universe will be on your side and you will be glorious this year only if you keep the faith in yourself.

If you chose #4 – SIX OF SWORDS –


Passage away from difficulties, recovery after tribulations, experiencing change, despondency.You are making an attempt to distance yourself from a situation of stress and turmoil in order to heal and find balance. It is a positive indication that you are slowly moving from turbulent seas into calmer waters and healing your emotional past. It is a time for leaving a troubled past behind to move positively into the future. You can now see light at the end of the tunnel. The Six of Swords asks you to trust that life will support you and bring new rewarding experiences. You must find belief in yourself and a new sense of purpose. The Six of Swords marks a transition period in your life as you move from one state of mind to another.

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This is a positive change that will bring new palate of positive traits to your personality. You are hurt, you bleed, but your soul will be healed. Your recovery is certain, but if you’re going to use the recovery for a total ‘rebirth’ is all up to you. You are the master of your own destiny and you need to face the issues sometimes. Do it now, when the universe’s energy is on your side.

If you chose #5 – S E V E N of P E N T A C L E S –


This sign brings you reward for effort and work, a calm moment of consideration of alternatives and different approaches. This year you will loot the rewards from your own hard work. Unlike the nine of cups, seven of pentacles is for those who are constantly successful, rich and powerful. You are among those people, but this time you will start looking for different approaches to your life philosophy.

The indoctrination of personal success in the material world will become not so popular in your thoughts, but you will start seeing new concepts of living your life. Be wise and don’t rush! That’s the best advice possible. Also, try to find balance. Your success is what defines your personality and radical changes in your lifestyle may be hurtful. Start trying new things slowly and learn more about yourself.

If you chose #6 – N I N E o f P E N T A C L E S –

Material well-being and refinement, discipline in order to attain such, relying on oneself. Unlike all other cards, the picker of this card won’t be obsessed with changes at all! You already passed your process of ‘initiation’ and now, you just want peace, stability and monotony. That’s what is actually coming to you, you just need to collect all your debts, get over with things from the past that bother you and solve all issues that won’t let you feel at ease.

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Use a small period of time to do all of these things fast and effectively. After that, the long-awaited rest could begin. This long period of relaxation will open new horizons in front of you and you may even want to redefine your personality. However, you will recharge your body and spirit.

Source: Mystical Raven


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