The Effect of a Lunar Eclipse on your Mind, Body, and Soul

The power of the Lunar Eclipse is divine and affects both your body and spirit. The Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow falls directly over the Full Moon. That is a cosmic event that happens rarely and it’s a very beautiful sight for all stargazing enthusiasts.

However, it has a lot higher purpose for some others. Since ancient times, there is a belief that the darkness of the eclipse is a sign of a great, radical change and a bad omen for what is about to come. In many spiritual societies, the lunar eclipse is awaited with great excitement because it is expected to arise all darkness and negativity from this world.

There are many other concepts about the powers of the Lunar Eclipse. Anyway, one thing is certain, the level of energy is significantly changed and all spiritualists have the perfect opportunity to grow.

You could see these days before and right after the Lunar Eclipse how many people share their positive experience. Many people use this eclipse as a great energy advantage to shift through dimensions or perform some kind of healing, spiritual or even physical.

On the other hand, even those who are not spiritually advance or enlightened on that high level, use the Lunar Eclipse and its energy to perform better and more advanced spiritual practices. They see the Lunar Eclipse as a chance to “absorb” more, grow and shift to the next level of their spiritual development.


This is also one of the most interesting concepts since ancient times. The Lunar Eclipse is connected with the feminine concept and the archaic beliefs of fertility goddesses or magical beings. The feminine energy is a concept that is not only connected with the emotional side of every human being, but all aspects of life. The birth and rebirth are connected closely with the production of food and the four seasons, so the energy of the plants and all living creature is connected and determined by this great energy.

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This is a clear sign that your emotional profile will be open to new changes. We already mentioned that the Lunar Eclipse symbolizes change, but also, gives you energy and confidence to go even in the darkest depths of your soul and redefine your personality.

The concept of rebirth is not connected with the material, but with the spiritual world too. So, if you wanted to begin 2018 with working on yourself, you could at least use the positive energy of the Lunar Eclipse and let all of your inner ‘demons’ fly away, absorbed by the darkness of the moon.

Source: Mystical Raven

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