Have You Found The Real Purpose Of Your Life? 6 Signs Which Show That You Have

1. You are living on your own earnings

Although money cannot define your happiness, at least it can help in giving you the life you want to live. And you have achieved that, you have found a job that gives you the mental satisfaction of making the best use of your talents and at the same time gives you enough that you have a living which takes care of all your needs.

2. You have genuine appreciation for things which matter in life

It takes a lot of struggle and facing failures before you reach the true motive of your life. And when you do you realize the importance of those who never wavered from by your side. You also learn to appreciate the little things in life which no amount of money or power could have acquired.

3. You are satisfied with the things you have

You are no longer chasing some imaginary luxury which will make you happy. You realize that contentment can only come from inside you and not from outside things which you acquire. You no longer have the urge to collect material possessions, you are happy with what you have.

4. Your happiness doesn’t depend on your relationship status

The tag of being single doesn’t bother you. You know what kind of relationship you want and you would not settle down for anything less. And until that happens, you are happy with being the way you are.

5. You don’t care about what the others have to say

You have learnt to only take note of things that really matter. You know who your real friends are and when they express a genuine concern you give them a ear. But other than that you do what you think is best and let the naysayers say what they may.

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6. You don’t have time for pretentious people in your life

You are no longer vulnerable that you’d come under peer pressure or the likes for hanging out with the cool people. You know who you need in your life the most and the rest of the riff raff doesn’t matter to you.

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