Are You Going Through The Twin Flame Ascension Stages?

The unity of two Twin-Flames and their ascension is a cosmic event, we told this many times before. If you have faith, if you believe in a higher purpose and spiritual energy, then you must know that the twin flames ascension is a connection that is strong in all dimensions, visible and invisible for the human eye.

On the other hand, many of us believe in destiny and “soul-mates”. The twin-flame connection is exactly that. Synchronicity, ‘call’ from the past-life, unity of two energies, alpha & omega- this connection is truly sacred.

However, nothing is perfect, as well as the twin-flame connection. It must not mean that if two twin-flames unite that they are going to keep their relationship alive and strong. Because of this, you need to know the signs if you are in a twin-flame relationship and carefully observe all stages. If you have the chance to experience something magical like the twin-flame connection, then you need to be prepared to keep that sacred bond tight until the end of this life.

In this article, we share with you the stages of twin flame ascension. You need to be aware that these stages are naturally acknowledged by the spiritually awaken people.


This is how we call the first stage. You will start feeling strange before and after the first time, you meet the twin-flame. It could be just ANYWHERE! It doesn’t mean that you will establish the connection since the first meeting, but it certainly is a “love on first sight”. When you meet your twin-flame you will feel the strong energy from the universe all around you. Your chakras will open, even if you never even tried to meditate or practice spiritual activities. You and your twin-flame will quickly become a ‘pair’, and you will be so deep in love like never before.

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This is the second stage. Your twin-flame will become more and more important, he/she will become the most important person in your life,of course, according to your emotions. However, your sanity will always try to isolate you from those strong emotions. You shouldn’t be in doubt. Be self-confident and invest yourself as much as possible in the relationship. You will certainly know if your partner feels the same way. If that’s the case, if both of us also fully invest in the relationship and even make sacrifices for each other, then you can be assured that the twin-flame ascension is successful. You and your partner will start building the perfect emotional, spiritual and material harmony in your lives.


This is the most important stage. It is very hard to explain the true nature of the twin-flame union, but see it this way: ‘the two souls become one’. When your twin-flame union is completed, you will start feeling way different than ever before. If you somehow lost your twin-flame, you won’t be able to live with that emptiness anymore. Your twin-flame becomes part of you, and you become part of your twin-flame partner. You will have a strong empathic and even telepathic connection and your energy will unite with the powerful negative ions of the universe in our solar system.


When the union is completed, this is the last stage. You will seek the true purpose of your existence together with your twin-flame and you will achieve your spiritual place in the highest realms. This means that in the next lives your connection will be alive and you will be determined to be together until the end of time.

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Source: SpiritualUnite

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