5 Signs That Your Life Is About To Undergo A Massive Change

Sometimes, we feel like the whole world is falling apart. Sometimes, we are witnesses of our own misery, despair and pain. The feeling of hopelessness is unbearable and sickening, but very often we don’t even know that something huge, better and magical is coming to us.

The universe is the perfect chaos. Why? Because everything is in a perfect balance, even if we are blinded by the chaotic actions of all beings around us. However, the pain and suffering may sometimes be a sign of a radical change, rebirth and great progress.

In this article, we share the 5 signs that indicate you are about to have a massive change (even if you are hitting the heavy rock bottom):

1. The things you don’t like have become unbearable

This is how you know ‘it’s really happening’. At one point, you begin to lose patience. It doesn’t really matter how long have you been depressed or demoralized, at one certain point you start eliminating the things you don’t like no matter how hard the pressure is.

Sometimes we all agree to do things that we hate in order to achieve something or to respect the rules. That is not the case anymore if you are about to change- your inner self won’t allow you to waste time and energy on things you hate.

2. You feel lost

Your de-realization will start. You will feel disconnected with reality, even if you are completely conscious. The derealization will be a good sign that a huge wave of energy is coming to you, either bad or good, and that kind of energy brings huge changes.

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Do not be afraid! Your disorientation is just how your body and consciousness respond to the inner pressure and prepare your mind, spirit, and body for the upcoming change.

3. Leave the incubator

You start escaping the comfort zone. Your zone of comfort and isolation are common for all people who are going through hard periods and struggle with themselves. However, you may want to break free from the chains of despair and spend more time outside.

Probably you won’t really be able to socialize and have good connections with the people around you because of your state, but you will have the enthusiasm to fight against the depression, anxiety, worries, issues… Everything that makes you feel uneasy.

4. You feel scared, excited and anxious at the same time

Of course, you won’t be able to leave the incubator all the time. However, you will start feeling differently than before. You will feel a cocktail of emotions. On the other hand, you won’t know what to really expect. Excitement, anxiety, fear, love and many other emotions will try to send you a subconscious, subliminal message that you are about to change.

Because of this, there is no point in making plans or predicting anything. You just need to focus on the present and try to find emotional balance.

5. Synchronicities

This is probably the most interesting and mystical sign. The universe will send you subliminal messages through synchronicities. Synchronicities serve as soft assurances that your actions, thoughts, and feelings are aligned with your higher self.

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That will encourage you to remain strong and focused. However, you need to have faith, both in yourself and your destiny.


Source: Spiritual Post

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