9 Spiritual Truths That Witness Your Inner Connection To Be Much Deeper

To be spiritually enlightened person means to acknowledge yourself and the whole universe around you, to accept things as they are and try to change yourself for the better. Many people who want to start to develop spiritually ask themselves what is the ‘unknown’ truth behind all the purposes of practical spirituality. The answers are not simple, but in this article we will try to give you a few crucial examples to understand the spiritual world better.

First of all, you have to know that every single one of us needs to walk ‘the path alone’. Every human soul has its own purpose, but nobody could or should walk ‘the path’ for you or give you the answers that will help you find your purpose.

However, these truths will help you prepare better for your inner connection and enlightenment.

Spiritual Truth 1: We Are All Connected

You have to accept the fact that everything and everyone is mutually connected. The whole ‘creationist’ energy in the universe is one giant energy field that is formed of uncountable other energy fields. Among everything that’s unknown in the outer space, we have the other dimensions too.

Everything is connected and that’s why you should know that all of your actions have strong consequences, especially in your social connections. These connections are deep and not only physical. If you want to use these connections to grow as a person you must be completely open to the new reality. Your inquisitive mind is one of the most crafty ‘tools’ that will help you find your purpose in this life.

If you use some meditation techniques, you also need to be aware that you are just floating in the giant ocean of energy. You decide if you are going to be a toxin, violent, ignorant, selfish and angry, or you will search for the wisdom and help others.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Offer kindness to other beings: human, animal, insect, and more
Let go of grudges and the need to take revenge on anyone or anything
Seek out ways to help those who are suffering
Offer forgiveness to those who ask for it and ask for forgiveness to those against whom you’ve transgressed

Spiritual Truth 2: Life Is Change

Everything is constantly changing. Yourself too… If you want to escape the changes coming to you, you will end up seriously disappointed. You physical body will feel the pressure of change and your spirit needs to be strong, accept the change or even try to use the willpower to change your life however you really want.

You need to focus more on the ‘timeless things’. You have to understand that nothing in the 3-D world is permanent. However, some things like emotions or deep connections in the other dimensions may last forever. Your growth as a person will let you live this life with quality and do all things with love and passion.

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How You Can Live this Truth:
Embrace the moment and whatever opportunities (painful or pleasure) that are right here
Do what you love now; don’t wait for a perfect moment to follow your dreams
Appreciate the people and situations already in your life; they won’t be there forever
Practice letting go of people and situations that want to leave your life

Spiritual Truth 3: Your Ego Is Made Up

Egoism and ego are the worst sides of the human soul. In many religions and beliefs, the whole negativity in the universe is born by pride. However, in the micro-cosmos, all of us need to fight the ego so we can build healthy societies without violence, wars, hatred, manipulation etc.

You always need to have to understand for the people around you. Your peaceful approach and compassion are the true powers that will let you find all truths on your path and become a better person. In the spiritual world, ego is just an illusion. You also need to see it that way.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Learn to find your blindspots
Investigate how you think and the emotions you have
Question social ideas and conditioning and see how you act them out
Heal old wounds
Practice being open and vulnerable

Spiritual Truth 4: We Only Get One Body

This is also a very important spiritual truth. It seems a little bit unusual, but we already mentioned that everything is connected, as well as the body and the spirit in oneself. Your healthy body will provide you with enough positive energy to maintain a healthy spirit and search for the truth and the purpose of your existence.

You will see things that you’ve never seen before, you will feel each cell of your body. Your spiritual growth is closely connected with your physical health too. Good food and even some material pleasures and luxuries are also welcome from time to time.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Take care of your body through nutrition, self-care, and exercise
Enjoy the physical abilities you have
Let go of the idea of physical abilities you no longer have or will never have
Embrace death when it is your time to go; there is nothing to fear in crossing over to the spirit world
Let go of people who have had to let go of their bodies; holding on to the dead will only spread misery within you and around you

Spiritual Truth 5: You Are Always Here and Now

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This is an important truth and even a more important warning. You need to go on a spiritual journey, use spiritual techniques and practices, and even lost yourself in your thoughts sometimes, but you need to understant that you are HERE and NOW.

The time and space, it could seem illusional to you, but they still exist in the 3-D world. The physical reality must never be neglected, especially the things that we are attached to. Want it or not, those things define us as a person and form our behavioral and personality profile.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Notice when you are lost in thought and what the patterns of those thoughts are
Notice when you are lost in emotional stories from the past or fears about the future
Ask yourself when you are upset if you are seeing the situation clearly
Take time to breathe mindfully throughout your day especially when you notice you have gotten lost in thoughts and/or emotions
Slow down
Focus on what is really happening now; the more you focus the more texture and detail life can reveal to you

Spiritual Truth 6: Everything Is Spiritual

This truth should teach you to see the things deeper and to search for a meaning in everything. Like we already mentioned, you need to have a bigger understanding for the people around you and to respect their spirits, their emotional side, not only their physical being.

However, you also need to acknowledge and understand everything around you. Nature, the universe, the whole living energy etc. From seeing that consciousness is always with us and around us, it helps us to notice when we feel cut off. Spirituality is the stuff that interconnects us, and when we feel disconnected, something has come up with us to create that illusion. Because ultimately any sense of being disconnected is an illusion.

Anyway, be always aware of illusions. Sometimes, the things in this world may fog our judgment and blind our spirit. On the other hand, if you sense and know the spiritual connections, that could help you live a happier and way simplified life.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Pay attention to when you feel disconnected and what has come up to cause that sense of disconnection
Embrace your inner difficulty and have compassion for the difficult lessons others are confronted with
Notice when you feel most connected and alive and where these feelings are arising from

Spiritual Truth 7: There Is More to Life Than We Can Perceive

Our ego is playing mind games with us very often. You may think that you know everything, even if you are truly advanced spiritual person, but that’s not the truth. This is a big advice: you learn and develop until the day you die. Every day, your spirit grows and you decide whether or not you’ll be walking the righteous path.

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Humility is also one of the human’s terrible weaknesses. You must never use “shoulds” or “could” and, also, you will never know or truly predict if the things are going to work out at the end. You should take risks and be inquisitive.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Don’t assume you know everything or what is right for others
Practice listening to others with humility and openness to learning more
Stay engaged with life to find what feels true to do or not do in any given moment; just because a moment seems similar to a past moment doesn’t mean that it is the same
Enjoy the mysteriousness of life

Spiritual Truth 8: Pain and Joy Are Equally Part of this World

You need to accept pain as a vital part of your existence, not as a weakness. The eastern spiritual teachings, especially Buddhism, teach how important the pain is and how the joy and pain co-exist in every human being.

This truth teaches you that you have to be always aware of pain and joy- the pain will make you stronger and the joy will build up your permanent happiness, tranquility and wholeness. The simple things in life make joy- that’s where you should look out for joy and happiness. The pain is temporary- the wisdom and experience are forever.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Let go of jobs and relationships that are ending
Be committed to jobs and relationships when things are uncomfortable as well as easy and joyous
Breathe into emotionally uncomfortable moments to process the upset emotions as you feel them; if you don’t, you’ll store that pain, and it will define your future actions
Allow joy to arise naturally in the here and now; it doesn’t have to be in a spiritual commune in some idyllic place

Spiritual Truth 9: We Are Love

The strongest force in this world is love. This may sound cliche, but that is the truth. The strongest force that is unique for the living beings on Earth is something that reshapes worlds. That’s why you should spend as much as possible time giving and accepting love.

The energy flow of love is perfect and will significantly help you find your inner peace, happiness, and passion.

How You Can Live this Truth:
Journey inwards through journaling and meditation
Notice how you cut yourself off from yourself and from love
Learn to offer loving service to others and to this world

Source: Spiritual Unite

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