14 Protection Tips That Keep Out Negative Energy

The negative energy is all around us, as well as the positive energy. Every single object in the universe is an energy field and the energy, as a whole, is closely connected with the Creator or the Source, call it however you like.

The universe will often send us subliminal messages through the energy of existence. You need to be aware of it and you need to use it to change yourself for the better. The best tip if you want to change yourself, or just to secure a little tranquility and peace for your soul, you need to keep out the negative energy.

First, here are some symptoms of being subjected to negative energy:

Immune system is compromised
You have no energy, you are drained
Feeling other people’s unhealthy emotions such as; depression, fear, and or anxiety
Psychic headaches
Doom and gloom outlook
It is possible to take on negative attachments
You fall short of your goals
Begin attracting more and more negative and needy people

Now, we will share the best 14 tips that will help you keep the negative energy out:


Burn sage or incense. This will be a great help for your environment to get clean of not only bad spirits and negativity, but also various bacteria and toxins in the air. Sagging is proven to be very useful both for the body and the spirit.

Sea Salt Water Cleanse

Place a bowl with a pinch of sea salt and a little bit of lemon essential oil in the center of your home and or in the toxic environment. The sea salt and water will absorb the unwanted energy. I recommend changing the water as is needed and pouring the water outside instead of down the drain.

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Ball of Colored Light

Take a step further and try this interesting exercise. Put yourself in a protective ball of white, pink or blue light. You will see the difference immediately.

Truck Tire Deflection

Put yourself in the tire of a truck and visualize the tire moving. Just slowly imagine how you are rotating as the tire’s driving. Soon, you will create a circle around you that will protect you from negative energy. Imagination and creativity always ring positive vibrations.

Prayers and Mantras

Of course, the prayer is known as a hygiene of the soul since ancient times. Use this wisdom and apply it on yourself. Always spend at least a couple of minutes in prayer or mantras, you won’t regret.

Drawing the 2nd Reiki Symbol

Draw the 2nd Reiki Symbol in the corners of your home or space.

Protection with Vibration

Things that vibrate positive energy are perfect for you if you are trying to get rid of all negativity around you. Drumming, rattling or ringing bells could make a true miracle.

Crown Cleanse

Cleaning the crown chakra is very important if you want to remain positive. The third eye opening and cleaning of the crown chakra will give you a permanent resistance to negativity.

No More Drama In Your Life

Of course, too much drama and energy vampires will suck the soul out of you. Some people are dangerous and radiate with negativity.

Aura Cleanse

Use simple spiritual techniques, such as meditation, to clean your aura. This will cause a direct effect in cleaning the negative energy.

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Wear Crystal Jewelry

Some crystals are very useful and have secret powers. They radiate energy too and some of them are the best “cleaners” of negative energy. They are also a nice piece of jewlery, so it shouldn’t be a problem to fit.

Positive, Happy People Are Priceless

Always try to be surrounded by positive people. It’s simple, people who radiate with positive energy cause a great impact on the people around them. Positive and happy people will encourage you, give you hope and show you the bright side of life.

Avoid Crowds If Possible

Crowds are often a source of negativity. At least, that’s what spiritual teachings tell. Because of that, try to avoid large crowds.

Knowledge is Power

Learn more about yourself and the people you love, acknowledge yourself and try to develop your personality. Your wisdom will always help you get rid of negativity.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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