5 Things You Can’t Hide From an Empath, No Matter How Hard You Try

Empaths are truly special. In most of my articles, I want to describe them as the ‘most beautiful gift given to humanity’. And that’s what they really are! Empaths are people who have a strong emotional side, deep and rich spirit, and they are also able to feel what other people feel. This is some kind of a special ability, but for them is often a huge suffering.

An empath is a person who knows how cruel and sick the world is, but they always try to change it, despite everything, they are always ready to help and sacrifice themselves for the sake of the greater good. However, the biggest struggle of empaths is to accept themselves and grow above all negativity that surrounds them.

They have a strong ability to feel your energy and your emotions. If you want to trick them- you are very, very wrong. If they are the people you love and want to hide some issue- it’s also impossible. Empaths form strong bonds with people and they feel the urge to help, advice or comfort.

5 Things You Cannot Hide From an Empath:

1. A Gift With Bad Intent

You can’t give an empath a gift to make up for some big mistake you made. They will know what your intent is. If you want to apologize to an empath, you need to open your soul and let them see everything. Their compassion and understanding will encourage you to become a better person and change some negative sides.

2. Your True Emotions

If you are in a relationship of any kind with an empath, don’t you ever try to hide your true emotions or wear a mask. It doesn’t really matter if you want to protect them or keep your privacy, wearing masks and manipulation drive empaths crazy. They need attention, true love and compassion, that’s why they disappoint hard in people who betray or manipulate, especially if they are close to them.

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3. Going Behind Their Backs

This applies to all haters. If you want to talk behind the back of an empath and still keep in touch- you make a big mistake. Always have in mind that empaths are special and most of them are very positive and peaceful people. The good karma is always on their side, despite the fact that they already know (feel) what you’re doing behind their back.

4. Lying About Something Big

Well, sometimes people do everything in their power to hide something. Most of us are very crafty and persistent when we need to hide some huge secret. Don’t ever hide a secret from an empath. They will feel the importance of what you are hiding in your soul and they will know you are lying. Try to open and be honest with them. Like we already said, their huge empathy will let you find understanding and even help you and comfort you.

Source: BestNDEbooks

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