Choose Your Favorite Card to Reveal Important Message About Your Life

Today, we have another interesting card-picking test that you would like to take. Choose a picture below and see what is the secret message for you:


If you picked this card, then your message is simple- you need to start trusting your senses and listen to your inner guidance. You need to get in touch with yourself and fully use your inner wisdom to make a true progress in your life.By drawing this card, you are being urged to honor your sensitivity at all times and to prioritize your premonitions and hunches above practicality and logic.

If you chose this card, then you need to rely on your own. There is no place for you to be under the influence of the others. You still need to find the truth about your own purpose of existence and try to grow as a person.

Simple spiritual practices like meditation could play a huge part in your own progress and also help you get over your doubts and build up strong self-confidence.


This card symbolizes rebirth. After the death life comes. This means that you should be prepared for radical changes and apply those changes to improve your life. Anyway, your rebirth will be a true revolution. It could change you for better or for worse- you are the one who is master of your own destiny.

Your own decisions will determine your ‘destiny’. The change will let you establish a connection with your inner-self and higher-self. You may feel exhausted during walking this hard path of enlightenment, but you should never give up. Take all time you need to re-evaluate all your values and views and re-examine your life.

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This pick indicates a need to exercise restraint and self-control in every area of your life. This is the time when you need to find the perfect balance and try to stop all your negative habits. Gambling, drugs, alcohol, smoking- all of these things need to become only part of your past.

You should be aware of not becoming obsessive or aggressive. You are a passionate person. However, your inner flame needs to be controlled and balanced. You don’t need to change yourself, but you need to make a pattern of values and follow your own rules. This card also indicates that you are a person who loves adventure and freedom.


This pick indicates a need to take a timeout from your busy schedule and the hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard or have a lot going on. Maybe you’ve been tired, irritable, and anxious, or just generally feeling unwell. If you’ve been under stress of any kind or have been spending time in a negative or toxic environment, you must remove yourself from the situation to heal and recharge. You should certainly spend as much as you could afford on traveling.

If you are not able to travel or visit places far away, you should focus on having a rest. Reading books, meditation, spa, watching movies… That’s what you really need!


This card sends you a clear message- a strong spiritual relationship will be forged and you will benefit from the relationship. This might be a twin-flme or a soul-mate connection, but it could be any form of significant friendship or partnership.

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You should be prepared to start a long spiritual journey with someone else, you should learn how to share and give. Also, this could be a master-disciple relationship. This card may indicate that you will succeed to surpass your master or, if you’re the master, your disciple to succeed you. That’s when one of the strongest bonds is forged, the bond between the master and student.


This card indicates that you should finally surrender from all of your attachments and break free. You are a person who cares a lot about the others, your reputation, your success, your connections etc. The pressure of the dynamic life in the 21st century and the huge pressure to respond to the expectations as well as possible, may ruin your inner-self and make you suffer from the inside.

Because of that, you need to detach from all of these things. You don’t need a rest, you may have the whole energy in the world, but your obsession and preoccupation may blind your judgment about the crucial things in life.


If you chose this card, it means that you need to immerse yourself in any creative endeavor that will help you boost your spirit and grow both spiritually and intellectually.

You can start by doing some creative things like learning to play a music instrument, cooking, painting, writing- everything that will stimulate the creativity areas of your brain to work in maximum capacity. This card also indicates that you should rely more on your imagination that is neglected. Use your imagination more and release your spirit, let your inner-self express.

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This card gives you the best possible advice- you need to hold on, be strong and determined a little bit more because you are very close to making your dreams come true! If you chose this card, it means that you are very close to achieving something important in your life, but you are being tested.

This test should determine whether or not you are capable of finding the truth behind the true purpose of your existence. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to cultivate mental resilience and stability, since a calm and stable mind creates a calm and stable life. Focus on these few things and you won’t regret.

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