5 Warning Signs You’ve Met Your False Twin Flame

We shared many articles about the twin-flame connection. It certainly is a huge spiritual wonder and a special type of connection that is a true rarity. However, to be in a twin flame relationship and to keep it alive, to make it everlasting, you first need to know if you really met your twin flame.

However, the false twin flame connection is also possible. You may find someone with a strong energetic blueprint similar to yours. This connection will be visible since the first moment, just as much as the true twin flame connection. Many people call this ‘love at first sight’. Anyway, there is a big difference between the true twin flame connection and a false one.

Every being in the universe, alive or not, is an energy field. We all exchange energy and with the mystic powers of the universe, the things are happening. That is not synchronicity, but the perfect system of the mystic power of the Creator. However, in this article, we won’t focus ourselves on the metaphysical energy between the partners, but which signs in the real life could help you recognize if your partner is your true twin flame. There are the crucial signs that will help you find out:

1. You will have a series of unlucky events that surround your first meeting.

This is the first important sign. In some of our articles, you can read what happens to your mind and body before and after you meet your twin flame for the very first time. Your life is changing rapidly for the better and you also receive subliminal messages in high-frequency vibration. When you meet the false twin flame, you will know it. Things will start going wrong. Your tire goes flat, you spill a coffee, you feel anxious without a reason etc.

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2. You feel empty without the other

This cannot happen if you established a strong twin flame connection. When the two souls unite, like we already said, your two souls become one. You may even have telepathic power. You may feel sad a little or miss your partner physically (urges for physical connection, for an example), but spiritually you won’t ever feel empty. This is probably one of the biggest indicators that you are in a false twin flame relationship.

3. Your energy is drained around this person.

This should be the major alarm bell that should ensure yourself in your doubts. Actually, if the twin flame connection is false, your energy will be completely drained when you are around that person. You will know deep down inside that something’s wrong and this ‘hidden’ feeling will cause feelings of unease or anxiety.

4. They are no longer in the picture

This should be the most important sign. After you spend some time with the false twin flame and you experience and acknowledge all of his sides, good, bad and ugly, you will then see if he fits in the bigger picture. You will see if the twin flame magnetism exists or if you should end it immediately.

This kind of relationship can make you really unhappy. People normally attach to other people and you need to understand this. If the partner is not part of your dreams for the future anymore, if you can’t really stand some parts of his personality- it means that the twin flame relationship is false.

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5. They are emotionally unavailable

This sing is so easy to recognize. After a while, you can see if your partner is emotionally available or not. If a person keeps something hidden, if decides to stay in the shell and that’s bothering you, then you have to know that your relationship is not of the ‘twin flame’ kind. Twin flame partners are completely open to each other and there is nothing that bothers them or creates doubt between them.

Source: The Mind Journal

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