Twin Flame Attraction & Magnetism – Here’s What You Need To Know

The twin-flame connection is certainly one of the strongest spiritual and physical bond in the universe. When you meet your twin flame, you feel it and you know it- it is a cosmic event of the highest importance. It’s a connection that lasts for a lifetime, pulls strings from the past life and may exist until the end of time.

In this article, we will explain more about the twin flame connection and the spiritual bond between the two flames. There is a shared connection which cannot be described in simple words. It’s beyond the understanding of the human brain, but still, it exists. The silver cord between the two souls is what connects them and makes them one. However, the silver cord belongs to neither twin flame, but it belongs to the soul that they split from.

This means that twin flames are not uniting, but reuniting. The existence of their spiritual connection is something way older, maybe older than the universe itself, ‘forged’ beyond the last point of our knowledge-the big bang and the creation of the universe.

Because of this sacred connection, twin flames always have the ability to establish an empathic and in some cases even telepathic connection with their twin flame. Of course, you won’t be able to control the strong emotions and the importance of the relationship.

If you engage in this kind of relationship, if you truly succeed to find your twin-flame, then it means that you have your life determined. This kind of relationship creates MAGNETISM between the two separate souls.This becomes crucial for reuniting twin flames after the runner and chaser phase, as the runner always has to work harder than the chaser just to maintain distance.

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The magnetism, or the silver cord in the middle represents attunement. It brings a beautiful positive energy and good karma. The vibrations are on a high frequency and you can also feel it. This will give you enthusiasm to do anything, to never give up, even when its hardest.

However, sometimes you need to be careful. The strong push may sometimes have a side effect. You must not let overconsume yourselves and lose your own, original identity. Also, you should keep your own individuality and life that is real, connected with other people and normal way of living.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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