Physical Intimacy Intensifies The Spiritual Connection Between Partners

Love always increases the frequency of the energy that flows between partners during the act of sex. Without it, sex just become two people tinkering around with each other’s bodies.

This causes all our sexual energy to become concentrated only in our genitalia which makes us feel frustrated enough to simply look for superficial satisfaction. There is no time or space to become more sexually intimate with your partner.

For those who are looking for this intimacy, Taoism and Tantra both offer a variety of practices that can increase and widen the frequency of energy, bringing the two partners into perfect harmony with each other. Information about these practices is available freely on the internet.

Love can take the physical act of intimacy to a much higher plane. Think of it is as a shift from fast food joints to the ultimate fine dining restaurants.

It has the ability to repress the toxic side of your ego and it prevents any unnecessary criticism and judgement from rising to the surface. Sometimes it even transcends death and two partners can meet in more than one life.

This brings us to the spiritual concepts of twin flames and soul mates. When we rise to a certain level, there will be many opportunities to meet others who are linked to us spiritually or who are our soul mates.

Alchemy defines twin flames as the power that rises when the ego and the Higher Self begin to truly love each other. The energy that emerges when they are sexually intimate is magical in its intensity. When they deliberately work to awaken their orgasmic force together, they create a ray of light that sweeps through their innermost depths.

This is not something to be treated lightly. The energy brought forth in this manner can be used to magnify what potential we have on this earth. Those who wish to partake of is must go in only if they are pure in body, mind and soul.
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