Choose A Flower To Receive Your Psychic Message

This is another interesting test! Do you want which flower calls to you? Select a flower in the picture below and receive your psychic message to see what life brings to you!

Flower Meaning Message Number 1

This purple violet is here to bring you the message that it is time to cleanse away all of your fears and doubts that are stopping your spiritual development. The Archangel Raziel is guiding your way and visits you every night and gives a spiritual classroom. However, you have to detach from the material world and the cruelty of the modern way of living. You will be enlightened and your spirit will get strong, but you also have to be patient. You will find your own ‘truth’, but it will be divinely delivered to you. Your angels and guides should help you. Use your intuitive skill and even your imagination more, you won’t regret ‘nutrition’ of your spirit.

Flowers Meaning Message Number 2

The beautiful daisy flower is here to tell you that you have worked so hard and the time for rest has come! You need to focus more on your life, on your emotional side and let others enter your world. Even if you have a family, you should pay more attention to them and let them be the most important part of your day. Angels are always here, they will protect you from any failure, you just have to relax and enjoy the ride. This will refresh both your body, mind and spirit. This change will make you more effective and creative in future.

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Flowers Meaning Message Number 3

It is possible lately that you have been worrying about certain people or situations in your life and how they are going to turn out. The beautiful sunflower is here to let you know that you should always do your best to see the innocence in others first and forgive as much as possible. It is very possible that you are hearing rumors or receiving bits of gossip that are unfounded or simply not true. You are in a serious situation indeed, but make sure that you base all of your decision of pure facts and ask for help and clarity from your angels. The truth is painful and often unpleasant risk, but you need to understand that you won’t ever regret being true to yourself and the others, as well as for demanding total honesty from the people who play important role in your life.

Flower Message Number 4

The poinsettia flower is here to guide you. You’ve been working very hard lately and it is time to take a break. It seems as though everybody has been needing your help and attention from all sides in your life and it is starting to pile up and may be overwhelming you. You don’t really need a rest, you are a person that knows how to use every moment to relax and spread positive energy, but you need to find balance! Try to find balance in all things and change your patterns. Your change will make you happier and fulfilled- that’s the thing that ‘has been missing’ for the whole time! Don’t waste any time- changing is hard, but you have a strong and positive spirit that will help you remain focused and determined to succeed.

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