Reconnecting With Your Twin Flame After Separation

The twin flame connection is a true blessing. With certainty, it is one of the strongest connections in the universe and it is a bond that is very hard to destroy. Twin flames meet in many lifetimes, dimensions and universes. That is a connection beyond our understanding, but we know and we have to know how to nurture and keep a twin flame connection alive.

In many cases, because of some mistakes, the environment, the social connections and many other factors result in a separation of two twin flames. In this article, we share some good pieces of advice how to repair the bond between you and your twin flame if you are separated. You should never lose hope! That is the ultimate and first advice that applies to all others.

People often have issues, but we also have the strength to be extremely adaptable and stubborn. Sometimes it may result in great success, sometimes in a great failure, but anyway, you always have to give it a shot. Your separation with your twin flame may be only a chance for a new unity and forging even a stronger connection. Here are some reasons and solutions for the twin flame separation:

Twin flame separation and reconnection
Your twin flame doesn’t understand why he is attracted towards you so intensely. Although, it is a great feeling, but it comes with fear; he is afraid to lose yourself to you. He neglects all the benefits of this true relation and focuses on the things he will lose.

Separation becomes must in this case, but when he reconnects, you should forgive him. It is important that you should never blame him for separation. You have waited long enough, and now when the person is in front of you, you should not get angry. Take the first step of the reconnection very calmly.

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Your twin flame is not ready to start a relation what you are looking for. He doesn’t like the way you show love because he doesn’t want to move the relationship any further.

In this situation, if your twin flame is connecting in any way, either as a friend, you should accept it. Don’t impose your love on him ever again if he doesn’t like it. This will give him time to know you and his soul will turn this friendship to love someday without him knowing.

It is very hard for your twin flame to adapt completely on yourself and accept the ‘mirror image’. Sometimes your emotions may scare your partner and make them go away. Because of that, you have to be very patient and learn how to slowly open and create the mirror image. The mirror image may result in days of crying and various unwanted emotions, but that is all part of the uniting of two souls.

You have to give them time and show understanding. Don’t take huge steps, be always focused on the moment and enjoy the passion. You will have the whole time in the world to show every aspect of your soul, to be totally naked both with your body and soul. The same applies to your partner, don’t rush them into something that you are not prepared for.

They just cannot accept your flaws. We all have flaws and we are all sinners, but still, just as we already said, we can change. Sometimes, the flaws of our partner seem so huge and unbearable, but maybe your ‘surrender’ is your own weakness and flaw.

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You can always change. You just need to be honest and find out what the flaws are. You need to develop each other into better people and you need to be the best supervisors and guardian angels to each other. That’s how you will get over this issue.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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