What Happens When Twinflames Are Separated?

The strong and a sacred bond between the twin flames is something worth living for. The people who succeed to find their twin flame know what is the meaning of this special connection. However, the twin flame nature tells many mystic stories and one of the most common questions about the twin flame relation with certainty is: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TWIN FLAMES ARE SEPARATED?

To know and understand the answer of this question, first, you need to know the true nature of the twin flame connection. It is more of a ‘reuniting’, then uniting. The twin flames are separated in other dimension and time, at the beginning of everything, somewhere in the universe, way above the understanding of humanity to give a correct answer, and the energy of both twin flames is extremely strong while they are wandering through the universe. The separation is long and the first re-uniting may last for so long, way longer than we can even imagine, but the reuniting may happen right here and now!

When you meet your twin flame for the first time, even before and after the first meeting, you will see things differently, you will feel many things differently and you will change. You will know that the universe is sending you a subliminal message.

However, not every twin flame relationship succeeds. The modern times are very hard, dynamic, full of consumerism and materialism, so not every soul is strong or has the good circumstances to re-forge the strong bond.

When twin flames are separated they don’t really feel empty. They never will… But they miss the person, both physically and mentally, beyond the understanding of normal people. That is empathic and compassionate love. The communication and passion between the partners is something that they are not able to live without.

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To get over a twin flame separation after a reuniting is very, very hard. Most of the people ruin their own lives during the process, but you need to know that you have the special kind of relationship that could be ALWAYS fixed.

You need to open your soul and make it a temple of wisdom. A temple of wisdom and tranquility where you will let your twin flame enter and find his inner peace, understanding and pure love and passion for you.

The depression, anxiety, stress and even crying attacks are common, but you need to keep emotionally and physically strong and focus on fixing the things back.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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