5 Signs Someone Is In Love With You Most People Do Not Even Realize They Show!

Sometimes, when we create love bonds, we are not even aware of that. Sometimes love comes slowly, hidden in the shadow, waiting to strike your heart with Cupid’s arrow. However, many times love is unrecognized, shut down, hidden, dangerous, prohibited. Sometimes things from the material world block the forging of a strong, eternal and powerful bond between two souls, forged by passion, strong emotions, and pure happiness.

Sometimes, we are blind and we are not able to see the signs that someone else is really interested in us, or even in love. In this article, we share those important signs that will help you know if someone is attracted or in love with you, but too afraid to show:

1. They try to find different ways to converse with you.

Always keep in mind that the people who are afraid to approach directly are going to use many other sideways. At least, they are going to try. Even some quick chats, little talks and interactions may mean everything to someone. Be careful to see how they approach the conversation, watch and focus on their body language. Often, our bodies speak louder than words.

2. Their day instantly brightens up when you’re around.

This is also a great sign. If your presence cheers them or makes them totally change their behavior and mood, of course, positively, then it means that you cause a huge impact to that person’s emotional side. Your existence may be a true blessing to them, they may really worship you, but you won’t be able to find out if you don’t really pay attention. Try to pay more attention to the people who act this way when you are around.

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3. They shower you with little tokens of love.

Sometimes, little and sweet things make love strong and eternal. Your secret worshiper may show you the sings of love by doing some sweet little quests for you, giving you presents, making surprises for you and serious investments, both material and emotional. If you see that someone’s trying to impress you with the small things in life and make every single of your days better, then it means that the person is madly in love with you.

4. They’re always there for you.

They are the ones who are always here for you. They don’t care even if it’s 3 am when you called just to have someone to listen to your woes. In fact, it makes them super happy to be the first person who comes to your mind to ask help over something. They will help you and even if they need to make any kind of sacrifice. That speaks volumes! If someone’s doing all of these things for you, it could be a person that truly loves you.

5. They honestly like you for who you are.

They truly understand you, accept you and are always willing to give you a piece of their soul to comfort you and show you that you are normal, just like every single one of us. The people who are there to comfort us and love us even if they know our deepest and darkest secrets are maybe the best partners to continue our life with. The person who accepts you and understands you with all of your flaws, that is the person that truly loves you.

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Source: LifeCoachCode

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