5 Symptoms You Will Experience When Your Pineal Gland Fully Activates

The cleaning of the pineal gland or the Third Eye as many call it, is an interesting spiritual and physical process that gives you a great benefit. However, to succeed in experiencing a true kundalini experience and seeking a true enlightenment is a long and a heavy incarnation and initiation that makes you evolve both spiritually and physically.

In this article, we share some interesting facts about the truly activated pineal gland.Spiritualists regarded the Pineal Gland as a tool for attaining a higher self, a collective conscious that links to the whole, and a pathway to the Akashic records. Its activation is said to open our eyes to the reality. Our intelligence, physical tendencies, emotional side. spiritual knowledge and energy are all closely connected with your pineal gland. These are the 5 symptoms of fully activated pineal gland:

1. Expansion of all mental capacities

The mental capacities will greatly expand, you will be able to stay more focus and concentrated. You will also gain a strong self-confidence and all of the things that obscure your mind will slowly disappear. You will be evolved into much stronger and sane creature that is more effective and precise in all fields in both professional and private life.

2. Your intuition is enhanced

Your intuition is also closely connected with your pineal gland. When its clean and fully activated, then you will see the true power of your intuition. The third eye will be open and your body will be cooperating with your soul perfectly. You will see and feel things that you’ve never ever felt before and your empathic abilities will show you the true side of humanity.

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3. You develop psychic abilities and mediumship.

You begin to spread your wisdom and become wiser every day. You will see that your spiritual practices are extremely effective and open new gates to new opportunities and possibilities. You will enter inside the spiritual world and the other dimensions like never before and you will find your own truths and purposes. Your wisdom will manifest through your new behavioral patterns and ways of acting that will surprise the other people who had known ‘the old’ you.

4. You perceive things more deeply

You feel things more deeply as if everything comes alive. The air that you breathe seems to caress and communicate with you.As your Pineal Gland activates, you add more frequencies to your spirit and you synchronize more with nature. You become aware that everything is energy and see this energy swirling around you while making the universe tick. This will significantly help you form a ‘social consciousness’ that will make you able to truly help other people and even become a Lightworker.

5. Your eating habits change dramatically

This is a physical manifestation of the Third Eye opening. You won’t be a consumerist anymore. You will develop new eating patterns and you will eat as much as you really need. You may also become conscious about the food you eat, and that’s why you need to be prepared for many unpleasant feelings, and you may even become a vegan!

Source: LifeCoachCode

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