5 Different Types Of Love You’ll Encounter Before You Find Your Soulmate

The power of LOVE is the strongest power in the whole universe. The energy of love creates new lives, brings pure happiness and forges the strongest bonds between two souls. We all hope that one day we will find ‘the one’ and spend our lives with our romantic partner. We wait for someone to appear, to provoke those feelings, to start a total evolution, revolution, and eclipse of the soul.

The ones who think they already found their love is trying to prove how big and powerful their love is by dreaming of new hopes, bringing back happy memories and revitalizing and empowering the relationship. In both cases, we are able to see how powerful the force of love is.

However, the path to finding your true love, your soul mate, is always hard. These are the 5 types of love you are eventually going to experience before you meet your true soulmate:

The FIRST Love

The first love is characterized by huge insecurities. This is a relationship that could be compared to riding a bike for the first time- with your eyes closed! This is very hard to understand at the moment because you are driven by strong emotions and big confusion. Often, the first love happens when your personality is not yet fully developed, so this makes the situation even more confusing.

However, you will learn what those ‘butterflies’ mean and you will understand the manifestation of love. This love will make you understand the basics, make you more confident and able to grow as a person. The lessons you learn from the first love will be very useful in future.

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You will meet another person, that’s for sure. You may actually feel like you just found the perfect partner and established a great relationship, but after a while, you realize that it was all a big mistake. Bad things may happen, be prepared for someone to break your heart and confuse you even more.

This relationship will teach you what the true nature of humans is. You will learn that you should be much more careful and respect yourself more than before. This love will create extreme emotions inside your soul, you may be very angry and full of hatred, but you will get over it as soon as you realize you worth much more than that. This love will make you wise.


After a couple of failed attempts, you may try to establish a romantic relationship with a person who is very close to you in many other ways. You will try to be a thing with your best friend, but be aware, this is just another mistake. You will experience this love in the right moment when you need a safe place to hide from the suffering that the Difficult love has provoked in you. And you will immediately accept it, even though you don’t have the same feelings towards the other person.
The negative side is that you will slowly, but surely, understand how much the passion is missing. If someone is determined to be your friend, you just can’t push that person into a relationship just because you need commodity, comfort, and stability. This kind of relationship doesn’t last long.

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The Best Friend Love will make you totally lose all your hopes in true love and romance. You will be oriented on wild satisfaction on your neglected needs and finding true burning passion. You will find that person and you will have the wanted experience. However, you will see that you are still able to be romantic and sincere. Despite everything, the end of this love will come as quickly as it came, you will be left once again confused and emotionally detached.


Before the moment of totally losing the hope in love- that’s when the true soul mate appears. It is always like that- he/she will be your destined soul, the one you were looking for your whole life, the one that should make you whole. You will feel in your bones that ‘this is the one’. Your emotional and physical connection will be equally strong.The moment you look into their eyes, you will feel as if you’ve already known them from a previous life. You will know that you have never experienced such a deep and pure love. You will ask yourself whether you are dreaming or it’s really happening.

You will also feel a relief, great stability, and comfortability. You will build the relationship step by step, without feeling any inner or outside pressure. This is the bond that lasts for a lifetime and will give you a great opportunity to seek spiritual enlightenment.

Source: YourHeathreMind

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