Chinese Astrology: Year Of The Yang Earth Dog – February 16th, 2018

This year, according to the Chinese astrology, is the year of the Yang Earth Dog. It is celebrated on February 16th and has an interesting story behind. The Chinese astrology is connected to many aspects of the everyday life and we have the explanation why this is Yang year of the Earth Dog.

The symbolism in the Chinese astrology, art, social connections and literally EVERYTHING is huge. The symbolism is connected to the spiritual aspects of the existence of the average Chinese citizen and their way of life. The previous year, 2017, was the year of Yin Fire Roster. It was a year of the fight and standing up, going against all odds, fighting against the stronger foe and tuning into the feminine side that each one of us has,  male or female.

This year is an Earth year. 2018 is going to bring strong masculine energy. Also, the Yang energy is always external, the opposition of the internal Yin energy.

However, despite the fact that is a masculine year, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will make your temper soft and will help you create a fun-loving, gentle and positive vibe through the whole year.

The Earth energy will help you feel secure, focused and grounded. This is the energy that is supposed to give you balance and stability in all fields of your both private and professional life.

This year should be the foundation of a radical change and evolution of one’s personality. The symbolism of dog is also intriguing.Dogs are truly one of the most special animals. They are a true expression of unconditional love and are always present in the moment. Dogs have an amazing healing ability and have a strong sixth sense and intuition.In Chinese Astrology, the year of the Dog is associated with finding balance and getting organized. On one hand, we may feel called to act, to change, and to make headway, but on the other hand, we may feel a need to rest, reflect and go within.

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As you can see, this year should give you a strong sense of stability, let you remain focused and secure, but it is all just a preparation for a radical change that will be ‘boosted’ by the energy of the Water Pig in 2019.

On a global scale, we could see some chaotic events because true order and stability often come after big chaos. However, we can help that the sensitivity and sanity of all people will prevent any devastating consequences.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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