This Ancient Japanese Technique Will Kill Your Stress In 5 Minutes!

The modern plague of the 21st century is ANXIETY and STRESS. The modern times and the fast lifestyle is deadly for the average human. Believe it or not, more than 70% of all people in developed countries are struggling with stress and anxiety.

Because of many preoccupations and the new ‘pattern of values’, people often lose themselves in their jobs chasing some fake reality. However, the stress and anxiety are ignored, also, the spiritual side is totally neglected. This may result, sooner or later, with heavy psychological disorders and even physical manifestation- your heart may be at risk!!

In this article, we want to share an interesting method from the ancient Japanese tradition to relax your mind and body. This self-relaxation technique is easy and requires about 5 minutes.

To give a quick background, each of the fingers in our hand represents a different kind of emotion or feeling.

The Thumb helps fend off emotions like worry and anxiety.

The Index finger helps you fight your fears.
The Middle finger helps control feelings of rage and bitterness.

The Ring finger aids in fighting melancholy and depression.
The Pinky helps relieve stress and boosts your optimism and self-esteem.

You have the mission to balance all of the opposing energy fields and forces in your bodies. There are few simple steps to follow to do this, and it all starts by taking one finger at a time, grasping it with the opposite hand and wrapping every finger around it.

Each finger should be held for one to two fingers. You should wait until you feel the pulse, and that’s the positive sign that you’re successfully applying the technique.To aid in relaxation, apply slight pressure to the center of your palm with your opposite thumb and hold for at least one minute.

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With serious and dedicated practice, you will have the opportunity to become master of this simple technique and use it instrumentally whenever you need to deal with stress and anxiety. Watch the interesting video below:


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