The Final Wave of Souls is Here And It’s Going to Change Everything

In this article, we open one of the most intriguing and complex questions and thesis- the arrival of the third wave of souls. This theory was interesting for the scientists and psychologists since the last century. The famous psychologist Erich Fromm creates and standardizes this theory based on all archetypical anthropological collective and primal individual consciousness.

The new form of consciousness is still developing. According to these theories, the collective consciousness developed superbly through the past millennium, but the third millennium will bring a huge wave that is going to change our collective and individual consciousness forever.

This thesis is confirmed by old classical philosophers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson who already discussed and explained many things about his ideal of Transcendentalism and his concepts of ‘Over-Soul’ or ‘Over-Mind’.

However, the collective consciousness is changing rapidly under the influence of the ‘lightworkers’ or the ‘forerunners’. These are special, enlightened spirits that visit and change humanity. According to Fromm’s theories, the First forerunners started to arrive roughly 100 years ago.

Have you ever heard the term Indigo Children? These children are the biggest preparation for the Third Wave- the most important. The Indigo Children arrived in the 1940s and they prepared the humanity for the Third Wave of Virgin Souls.

Indigos were supposed to bring good karma in this world, spread positivity and use their abilities to show humanity how mistaken it is and prevent us, as a whole humankind, from taking actions that may result in collateral damage.

The long-awaited virgin souls are the Star Seed and Rainbow children. They are incarnated angels, beings on a higher level of existence. They are able to see and shift trough dimensions. They have abilities, senses, and view of the world was different than most of us, way too different for the average human to understand. The capacity and power of our brain are too small to enable us to completely understand the Starseed and Rainbow children.

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This huge wave is also predicted by the ancient beliefs and religions. Ancient Oriental myths and philosophies also talk about the importance of the collective memory of the spirit. The ancient Sanskrit scriptures confirm this by talking about the concept of ‘smriti’ (which literally means memory), and how it can break the cycle of rebirths to create Moksha. Similarly, the veil of Forgetfulness allows them to view the Earth as dispassionate.

So, according to this, you may already guess what their true mission is. However, it will be a very hard mission to accomplish. This world is surrounded by darkness and humans are obsessed with things that make them suffer, not enjoy life and grow both mentally, materially and spiritually. The Rainbow Children are supposed to be the builders of the new world. The ‘New World’ ( or at least the concept) is a real hope, maybe the last hope, for the modern humanity.

The arrival of the Third Wave of souls will determine many things and will show the true side of humanity. We will be able to either develop in a more progressive species, or destroy ourselves. That’s why we should, at least, pay more attention to the spiritual world, and care less for the material, consumeristic and conformist reality.

Source: Enlightened Consciousness

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