10 Clear Signs You Are Born To Be A Healer

In our recent articles, we discussed and analyzed a lot the New Waves of souls, as scientists call them, the Lightworkers, ‘Guardian Angels’ and healers. A healer is the most commonly used term because of the impact they cause.

Healers, empaths, indigos, rainbow children etc; are people who have a higher purpose of existence in this world. Their ‘unnatural’ and exceptional empathy, compassion, and emotional side are often considered to be part of a ‘healer’ personality ( a person that is able to heal others). In a way, they are healers indeed. Their strong powers to manipulate the energy and spread positivity is simply astonishing and they are able to nurture someone’s soul and spirit even when it’s the hardest and, also, they are able to heal even physical anomalies with their strong energy.

In this article, we share the signs that mean you have indications to be a healer. However, we don’t talk about Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, etc., but we talk about human beings on a higher level of consciousness and existence, with an already determined mission on Earth. Be aware, you may be a healer and never embrace your spiritual abilities because of your environment, a way of life, consciousness etc. These signs will help you see if you have those special abilities, even on a subconscious level:

1. You are extremely empathetic.

2. People experience soothing vibes around you.

3. Your friends and family members rarely get sick.

4. You do not panic or become anxious under any circumstances.

5. You feel a heightened level of awareness in the public places.

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6. You can tell about the energy of a room as soon as you enter it.

7. Small kids and animals feel comfortable around you. Even strangers feel at ease when they are telling their secret life stories to you. They trust you even without knowing you.

8. You like to make people feel at ease when they visit your place.

9. You have to deal with shoulder and neck pain.

10. You are attracted towards crystals because of their beauty and their healing properties and you prefer alternate methods of western medical science.


These signs are supposed to help you determine your personality and show you the true side of the healers, empaths, indigos… If you have thoughts that you may be a healer, then you should truly focus on growing your spiritual side and developing your special abilities.


Source: LifeCoachCode

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