Pick A Feather For A Message From Your Angels

Gaze upon this angel feathers. What might they tell you about your fortune? Dig deep in your soul and listen to that inner voice, pick a feather and find out.

1. Your life is encroached by the chaos revolving around you. You feel like everything comes tumbling down upon you, but set your soul at ease. What seems as a blight is just the bloodiest turn in the battle you angel fights against the force of recess. But good always stands a winner and your balance will be renewed once again.

2.You are discovering your inner self. Everything may seem confusing and debilitating but have patience and endure the test – good changes are coming to you.

3.You have devoted yourself to serving others, not considering your own needs and wishes. Now it’s time to take a turn towards yourself. Give that hard worker a rest!

4. Your thoughts are harder than steel, they are able to impact the physical world more than you can imagine. You are lacking adventure, love and fulfillment in your life. Your thoughts have the power to materialize all those things. So focus your thoughts and the angels will answer.

5. The latest period has been a little rough around the edges. Go on and meditate, look for peace and you will achieve harmony once again. All you need is to adapt.

6. If you were waiting for a miracle, there’s good news for you. Your prayers have been answered and the angels are at your side once more.

7. You must not waste any time by doing what you’ve always wanted. You are a person that hesitates so much and that’s what fogs your great qualities. You should ‘unchain’ yourself and put yourself FIRST. You won’t regret, you deserve it!

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Source: SpiritualPosts

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