5 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening #2 Scares People

The opening of the pineal gland, which is also called as the ‘third eye opening’, is certainly a magnificent spiritual and physical experience. The cleaning of the pineal gland and using simple spiritual techniques to clean both your spirit and body work perfectly for the people who want to search for a higher purpose and seek divinity.

The opening of the third eye is a process that not everybody is able to pass through. You need years of practice, but the final result is something worth trying for. If you practice meditation and want to open the third eye, in this article we share the signs of completing the process, or  being able to do it.

To understand it better, we will start with the physical manifestations of the third eye opening.

1. Prone to light sensitivity

If your third eye is open, you can find yourself seriously harassed by strong light with showing strong sensitivity to light and colors. You will start seeing vivid colors and your consciousness will receive much more from the brightness all around you. However, the sensitivity to light often brings further awareness of what is happening around us. When focusing deeply on the third eye (like in meditation), the lights of the third eye might appear.The third eye and it’s reference to light have been talked about for years in many traditions worldwide.

2. A dull sensation of pressure between the eyebrows

The third eye opening manifests very strong in your nerve system. There is a strong bond between your consciousness and the weird sensation between the eyebrows. This is why many call it ‘the third eye’. The weird feeling is simply something that is hard to explain, like a divine touch of light and warmth. You may also feel a warmth spreading from the spot. Also, this sensation could appear unpredictably, anywhere and at any time.

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3. Increased foresight

Your intuition and all of your senses will go wild. Your empathic abilities, as well as your psycic, will reach their ‘zenith’. Your emotional side and spirit will enter an unknown form that you’ve never experienced before. You will be able to feel many things and ‘see behind the curtain’. You will be wiser and you will learn how to manage the ‘wild’ emotions. You will use them instead in your favor, to read people better and to protect yourself from negative energy.

4. A feeling of gradual and continual change

This is also a very common and important sign. The opening of the third eye will enable yourself( if you continue to practice hard) to shift through dimensions and reach the hidden truths of the spiritual world. You will be prepared to find the true purpose of your existence and seek spiritual and physical divinity. However, the opening of the third eye represents a radical change itself, so you will constantly have that feeling of changing, evolving and adapting to yourself and all of the people around you. This strong and strange feeling between the eyebrows often scares people.

5. Increased headaches

This is one of the first signs and the most common. Like we already said, the process is hard and may also be stresful. Your emotional disbalance and your intense brain activity may result in headaches. You will be able to manage them, but they will come as signs of energy overload and it will happen very often. Try to get over it with meditation and relaxation. Simple walks and doing things you cherish will recharge your batteries and make you immune to headaches.

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We also share some useful things that should help you keep your spiritual routine always useful and enable your spirit and body successfully clean the pineal gland and perform the third eye opening.

Stay away from sugar and dairy as much as possible.
Meditate outside, naturally, sitting on the grass or natural ground.
Be mindful of our senses.
Drink more water.
Walk in nature for not less than half an hour every day.
Display and wear indigo and purple.
Let go of limiting beliefs.
Do aesthetic activities: Make visual art, drawing, coloring, working with memory, photography, hypnosis, and even some daydreaming

Source: SpiritualUnite

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