10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Mess With An Empath

As we mentioned many times before, empaths are special people with special abilities. They are powerful indeed, but they have a true purpose and true meaning in this world. They radiate with positivity, but what’s more important is their special empathic ability to feel what others feel. This gives them a true advantage. On the other hand, they are soft and positive human beings who always put others first. They love to help and make sacrifices for others.

However, you must never mess around with them. In this article, we explain why with the 10 reasons below:

Empaths are Basically Lie Detectors

You can’t play mind games with them or dare to tell them a lie. They will know what you’re going to do even before you do it. They can feel the tension and they are able to know exactly how you’re feeling at the certain moment.

They Sense Jealousy

If you are being jealous of them or anybody else, they will feel it. Empaths don’t like to hang around with jealous people, nor they want their negative energy nearby.

They Sense Hatred

Empaths fight negativity with their presence and hatred is never welcome. It is one of the strongest negative emotion, so it’s very easy to spot. Empaths will try to prevent the hatred and try to help others improve.

They Know your Prejudices

Empaths will always know when you have a hidden prejudice. If you are discomforted by people with different colored skin, sexual orientation, or personality differences, they empath will very likely lose interest.

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They Know You’re not Fine

You can’t fool am an empath and try to make them disappear. Actually, you can, but it hurts them on the inside. Empaths want to make sacrifices to help others and they will be very persistent to help you when you are in need.

hey Can Read Lackey’s Like a Book

Empaths hate small talk, and they hate sucking up even more. Don’t falsely compliment an empath to gain their affection.They actually hate this, and they see what you’re doing. An Empath’s most powerful ability is deciphering people’s actions and intentions.

They Know When You’re on The Wrong Path

If you have an empathic friend and they are warning you about things you’ve been doing, LISTEN TO THEM. Empaths are so good at predicting self-destruction it is similar to time travel. They will give you a reason and purpose, they will be your support and teacher.

They Know When You’re Trying to be Someone You’re Not

They don’t like to stick around to people who wear masks or fight for lost purposes. They accept and love originality. They love people who are not afraid to show and appreciate the depth of their souls.

They Can Identify Exploitation

You just can’t manipulate them. If you really want something for them, try to ask for it nicely. Empaths will try to help or find even a better solution for you, but if you stab them in the back, you will certainly regret it.

They Ignore Self-Absorbed People

Empaths are basically the diametrical opposition of narcissist people. They just can’t stand them and they see them as sources of negativity. Empaths want to forge strong bonds with people who share, love and communicate without any boundary.

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Source: Enlightened Consciousness

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