7 Glaring Signs You Are Mentally & Emotionally Drained

Life is very hard, unfair, turbulent and mean. You don’t need to be someone very wise or smart to understand this and accept it as a fact. However, people are the strongest, most precious, most beautiful and glorious creatures that walk on Earth and we should use all of our positive qualities, as individuals and social groups, to improve our living standard and get bigger than our everyday issues.

Spirituality and all of the basic spiritual practices have a simple main purpose ( among the many others)- to make your life simplified, better, full of hope, love, happiness and success. Also, the spiritual paths let us acknowledge and accept ourselves as we truly are and find the true purpose of our existence.

Anyway, the modern way of life makes people forget about and neglect their spiritual side. Because of that, and many other factors, we may find ourselves seriously stressed, depressed or hurt on the inside. The modern way of life exhausts and drains all energy from your body. In this article, we share the most common signs that you are mentally and emotionally drained.

1. Unceasing Fatigue

If you feel tired all the time and know deep inside that something is wrong- you may have unceasing fatigue. This is not a regular tiredness and it has nothing to do with resting, but with taking radical measures to find out what caused the fatigue in the first place. This could be a serious sign of an emotional and mental exhaustion. This fatigue extends and takes many forms such as anxiety.

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2. Insomnia

This is also a common sign. Insomnia might be also caused by emotional and mental stress, depression, anxiety etc. However, you should start to drift off and pull the brake. People with extremely dynamic or stressful lifestyle suffer from insomnia. Take rest as much as you can and sleep whenever you feel you have the chance to fall asleep. Don’t follow any sleep-pattern, but try to relax as much as possible and heal your spirit.

3. Crying Easily

Emotional outbursts that happen too often and end up in crying are also a common sign. If you feel sad, nostalgic, disturbed etc; for some unknown reason and you cry a lot, even instrumentally/hysterical to stop the mental pain, well, that’s not good at all. Try to focus on the things you are doing and remain focused. Don’t let anything distract you or hurt your feelings. You should try to be as solid as a rock and even ignorant! Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, this is one of those cases.

4. Detachment

Whatever it is that you’re dealing with has drained your light to the point where you literally can’t feel the emotions you’d normally feel when you encounter a situation or subject. This is sort of like depression, only instead of feeling weighed down by emotion you’re weighed down by the absence thereof.Anhedonia is a type of emotional detachment that specifically prevents you from being able to feel joy or pleasure, and is a strong sign that you are dangerously depleted.

5. Irritability and Anger

Do you feel extremely irritated or enraged by some simple, stupid things? Do you feel like you are losing control over your actions? This could be also a sign of mental exhaustion. Our nerves get thin, really thin, especially if we have a hard, dynamic and stressful lifestyle. Sometimes we think that we are as strong as steel, but the reality is different. Subconsciously, you are broken and defeated, but your consciousness tries to manifest and show ‘power’ by bursting out of frustration. Try to remain calm and think at least twice before saying or doing something. This will help you a lot on your path to find a good solution for your anger management.

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6. Lack Of Motivation

This is a very painful situation for all of the people who use their creativity and expression to earn for living. Mental exhaustion and emotional drain are often characterized with huge fatigue that may result in total lacking of motivation. This happens when you’re not only fatigued, but you start to completely lose your motives and passion in life. Try not to fall deeper in the abyss. If you feel like this, you should see a professional or start working harder on yourself using techniques like meditation to improve your condition.


This is a clear sign not of mental exhaustion, but depression too. Hopelessness is the last stage and the bottom of the abyss. If you ever feel hopeless, try to share your feelings with the people you love and people who really care about you. Try to communicate and leave your ‘comfort zone’. You have to be strong and accept all help.


Source: Aconscousrethink

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