The Dark Side Of Empaths That You Rarely See

Empaths are the most precious gift of humanity- this is how so many articles about the Empaths begin. Empaths, as well as all other lightworkers, are the balance in this world, the moving force to progress, the sanity of the crazy 21st-century human.

However, one of the most frequent and popular questions in the world of ‘beginner spirituality’ is whether or not empaths have their dark side and side effects of their special abilities. The answer is simple- of course!

You need to understand that nothing is perfect and absolute, except God. The cosmic energy and us, as spiritual and energetic fields, are connected and we are part of the One. Empaths are those people who have more of the ‘creationist’ energy and their purpose in life is already determined. They special empathic abilities and strong compassion make them lovable, important and they often represent role models in society. Some lightworkers and empaths in the past were even considered to be saints by some religions.

Today, we don’t really respect the function of empaths in society, we don’t respect humanity as a whole. We, the humans, are estranged from our spirituality and what really makes us humans. That is the source of the ‘dark side’ and the ‘side effects’ of the empath personality.

The negative energy all around the empaths makes them vulnerable and weak. They are receivers of energy and feelings. Because of that, when they spend too much time with people and absorb their energy, they feel extremely exhausted. Empaths are able to see the TRUE FACES of all people, they are able to see ‘behind the curtain’. This makes it even harder for them to handle the pressure of the modern humanity. Our obsession with consumerism, materialism and conformism makes them feel hopeless.

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Empaths are SELFLESS. They have their own, unique personality, but they will always put others before them. They will be able to make the sacrifice and they truly value love, respect, and honor. If you are an empath, you should understand what does it mean to put others always first. Yet you can’t resist the temptation to try and help others; it is your very nature to turn your attention to the ills and needs of those in trouble because you somehow feel that helping them will help yourself.

You don’t see the burden that this level of selflessness is putting on your life, or if you do, you resist the temptation to acknowledge it for fear of once again being forced to face your own demons. You prefer to walk through the streets hunched with the weight of the world pressing down on you, rather than walk freely and see your own pain and hurt ahead of you.

This avoidance does you no good in the long term because sooner or later your heart and mind go into spasm, driven to the brink by a failure to address the real issues. By delaying the start, you simply dig a deeper pit into which you willingly throw yourself to escape the outside world. You withdraw from everything and cocoon yourself physically and emotionally so that you may delve deep within and tackle your underlying wounds.

However, when empath forges a strong bond, it should be everlasting. You should carefully chose your lover and partner, because empaths are simply destructive to themselves when someone succeeds to betray them. Emotional vampires and psychopaths are always looking for empaths to drain their energy and eat their souls. Be careful, even if you are an empath, there are many people in this world who are successfully going to present fake emotions and seduce you to enter their net of intrigues and poisonous games.

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In general, empath should keep the distance from toxic people. In the end, we realize that empaths suffer from their unique personality traits, but they are triggered by their surroundings. Empaths should stick to people with pure hearts, people who value love and respect, people who know the true meaning of the word ’emotion’ and ‘soul’.

Source: Aconsciousrethink

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