This Is What It Means When Your Twin Flame Only Sees A Friend In You

There is a lot of confusion going on about what a “twin flame” relationship really is. Unlike “soul mates,” which are our perfect matches, twin flames are our perfect mirrors.

Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful. The feeling you have for your Twin Flame will be indescribable.

There are simply no words to describe what many refer to as the Twin Flame “love”- which could be more accurately described as a magnetic soul energy that emerges when two people meet and look into the mirror of their own souls.

Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are. Now it might come as a shock to a lot of people that your twin flame doesn’t necessarily need to be in love with you.

Yes. There is no one particular relationship that a person needs to have with you in order to prove that he or she is your twin flame. A lot of people assume that the only attachment twin flames share is a romantic one.

That’s certainly not the truth. A person sharing your twin flame can be your friend, a teacher or anyone for a matter fact.

Twin flame relationships don’t come with one particular relationship tag. If you’ve found your twin flame and are already in love with them, please know that it isn’t necessary for them to be in love with you too.

Every individual walking on the surface of this earth is a part of his/her own spiritual journey. You cannot force people to love you in a romantic way, not even your twin flame.

Yes. What you can do is respect their decision and acknowledge their presence in your life in which ever form.

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