6 Effective Ways to Shield Yourself From Low Vibration Energies Without Avoiding Anyone

We are surrounded by energy. Everything and everyone is an energy field as well as the whole universe. We are all made of the Creationist’s energy, but there are many kinds of energy and many dimensions invisible to the human eye.

However, people since ancient times learn how to manipulate the energy in their own favor. In this article, we share a couple of important and useful ways how to shield yourself from low vibration energy. The negative energy, mostly spread by negative people, may seriously harm you, destroy your day, your career, your marriage, even your life! It is important to protect yourself from negativity and set up a daily routine of a few simple rules that will prevent you from engaging in situations, conflicts, connections that are going to put you in the middle of an ocean of negativity.

1. Closing your auric field

Your aura is said to extend up to 6 feet. When your aura is expanded this far, it means you can easily pick up foreign energies.In a room where people tend to get closer to you such as elevators or public utility vehicles, protect yourself by closing your auric field.Do this by crossing your arms and legs. Or imagine your aura sticking around you.

2. Shortening your stay in a place.

Always try to be aware and get to know your surroundings, even if you arrive in a new environment. You need to be careful and see the aura of the dominant energy in all of the places you go. It could be a good prediction about what is going to happen next or a good warning to be ready to fight with the negativity of any kind.

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3. Not reacting to negativity.

This is a very important advice. If you want to beat negativity and grow bigger, you shouldn’t engage in confrontations, or if you’ve already been put into, try not to ignite more anger and hatred. Try to be the wise and calm head. If you have a strong consciousness, you should be able to ‘cease’ fights between other people too, all in order to prevent negativity from spreading.

4. Practicing meditation.

Simple meditation practices are ALWAYS welcome. Meditation helps both to your mental and physical self and, also, gives a unique chance to your spirit to seek true enlightenment. Despite all, just a couple of minutes of meditation on daily basis, will keep your body and mind calm, refreshed and full of positive energy.

5. Exercising regularly.

In healthy body- healthy spirit! You need to focus yourself on keeping physical exercises as well as meditation. Make it also a part of your daily routine. Spend half an hour or less in simple physical exercises in the morning and before going to bed. You will feel the effect immediately! You will feel fresh and strong for the whole day and full of positive energy.

6. Surrounding yourself with an energy shield.

With the power of your mind, create an imaginary shield all around you. Let this shield protect you from negativity and any low vibration energy. Make this shield unique, make it present your deepest wishes, dreams, ambitions, and creativity. Let it be ‘forged’ by your purest emotions and trigger it with pure happiness. The positivity you spread all around you will affect others too and you can be assured that your path will be guided by Lightworkers, protected by high-frequency vibrations.

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Source: SpiritualUnite

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