Choose an Elephant To Reveal Important Aspects Of Your Personality and Spirituality

In many cultures, elephants are symbols that attract good fortune and a long and happy life. In addition to this, your favorite elephant type could also reveal some very important aspects of your personality and your spirituality.

Choose your favorite elephant and then discover its meaning and message to improve your life.

1. Peaceful and harmonious:

You distinguish yourself by being a person who yearns to find harmony, balance and peace in your life and for this reason you look for quiet, peaceful jobs, relationships, places and activities. You want to avoid conflicts and confrontations, and for this reason you sometimes stay silent about what you feel or want to express. If there is something that causes you discomfort and that you would like to change, it is essential that you externalize it and tell the world what it is. Keeping the peace is wonderful, but remember that relationships are built from dialogue. Talking to others, creating bonds of trust and understanding will help you grow in your life.

2. Perfectionist and idealist:

You are a person who stands out for seeking perfection in all facets of his life: work, home, relationships, etc. You have very clear and precise ideas and thoughts about how you would like your life to go and for this reason you advance through life trying to transform the people and the situations that don’t fit your idealized reality. Your main challenge is to accept that there are as many realities and ways of being as there are people in the world. You can achieve anything in your life with understanding and not with imposition. If there is something that disturbs you or that you would like to change, do it by creating a dialogue. In this way you will get better results and your life will be calmer, more prosperous and happier.

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3. Cautious and organized:

You characterize yourself as a sensible and cautious person who is in a constant search of security (both financial and physical) that allows you to remain calm and peaceful in all facets of your life. You spend a lot of time thinking about the future and how you are going to face it and all the apparent risks that it brings and in this sense, your main challenge is to learn that the future is only a projection of your thoughts, and that it depends solely on everything you do and build today. Work today with love and will in your projects and dreams, and you will see that every day your life is more serene and happier and with a calmer life you will achieve great accomplishments.

4. Enthusiastic and dreamer:

You characterize yourself as a cheerful, enterprising and very active person. You want to travel, know, buy, go to movies, restaurants, and always have in mind a new plan or a new activity to complete. You remain in a constant search of the intense and extraordinary, you always want impetus in your life (at all costs) and that is precisely where your great challenge lies. Having such an active mind and such a frenetic pace could leave you exhausted. Your main challenge is to learn that when you are fully present and flowing with life, any activity however simple it may seem could be wonderful. The secret of a peaceful and happy life lies in discovering the pleasure of simplicity.

5. Sentimental and sensitive:

You are characterized as a person with a very high emotional sensitivity. You long for romance, feelings and surround your life with people who are a source of company, support and protection. You also characterize yourself as a very creative being and you love putting your stamp on everything you do and everywhere you go. Sometimes because of your special way of seeing, interpreting and living your life, you may start feeling that no one is able to understand you completely. When this happens remember that you were born to be a real and authentic person, and not what others pretend you are. Live your life in your own way, stay loyal to your principles and your vision of the world and love and you will see how every day will be a new and wonderful adventure for you.

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6. Loyal and unconditional:

You characterize yourself as a loving, kind person with a clear orientation towards others. You help unconditionally and in different ways, without asking for anything in return (your nature is to help) but when an event happens that makes you doubt or lose confidence in someone, you withdraw and isolate building very high walls of defense around you. Your main challenge lies in changing your nature: you usually give everything about other people’s needs, sometimes even neglecting your own needs to meet those of the others. The key word in your life is balance: helping is wonderful, but before giving it all make sure your needs are covered. Remember that nobody can give what he lacks.

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