Is He Sharing A Telepathic Connection With Me

There are times when all of us have been deep in thought about a particular person. What most of us don’t know is that whenever we do this, we are actually creating a connection between our minds.

All entities in the universe vibrate at a certain frequency. Similarly, the brain sends out vibrations that can travel to far-flung places and even communicate with others. There are numerous ways to use this ability.

So, when you are preoccupied with thoughts of another person, it’s most likely that they are sensing your emotions. Telepathy transcends all the boundaries of time and space. There are no limits to how far it can go.

This actually explains why we have sudden mood swings for no reason that we can think of. Someone else is associating us with those emotions.

Signs he is thinking about me

Every girl has thought about this whenever she’s been attracted to a boy. And now you’ll know what symptoms to watch out for to find out whether he actually is.

Sometimes, a thought invades your mind out of the blue. This might be a signal coming from him. Or when you are doing something, you’ll unexpectedly experience a warm, cuddly feeling.

You’ll find yourself suddenly feeling intense longing for him. It is almost like you are homesick for that person. Any thought or feeling that is alien to your brain is possibly a communication from him.

Check your location as well. If you are in a place where both of you have had happy times, it might just be the effect of those memories bringing you thoughts of him.

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But if there are no external stimuli, you can be sure that he is attempting to reach out to you.

Time is also an important factor. If you’ve been thinking about him for most of the day, he is probably longing for your presence but since that is not possible; his thoughts are full of you.

The connection can over time become so strong that both of you will even be able to cause sexual arousal in each other even when you are not in the same place.

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