The Meaning of This February’s Rare Black Moon (It only happens Once every 19 Years).

Every month there are two major events for all people who practice spirituality or love astrology. Each month we witness a new moon and a full moon. Many people since ancient times believed that the Moon’s energy causes a huge impact on humans and, also, the releasing of the energy affects all living beings in this planet as well as the dynamic processes in nature.

This February we won’t be able to see a full moon due to lunar cycle lengths, but there were two full moons in January and, also, two full moons in March. This lunar cycle will result in a blue moon in both March, like it already was in January.

However, we won’t be able to see the power of the Moon in full of its beauty this month. What we’re going to see is a BLACK MOON. The moon will be still visible, but will not be fully illuminated. There is a belief that when the moon is high in the sky during the ‘black’ month it will hold great significance in our spiritual lives.

This black moon follows three full moon eclipses, which have brought intense and supercharged energy our way. There is no denying that life has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs these past few months, and with two full moons in March, we are in for more chaotic times. However, for now, we can enjoy a few weeks of reprieve as February sits us at the eye of the storm where all is calm and serene—at least in comparison to past and future weeks!

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The new eclipse will release a huge amount of positive energy and, unlike the eclipses in January, it won’t be a ‘call for a radical change’ and ‘rebirth’, but it will be a significant reward for all of those who managed to change themselves or accept the purpose of their being. However, this month we will have pure ‘clarity’ upon us. We should start cleaning our spirits and developing the strength to accept the truths as they are.

The past couple of weeks, our intuition got way stronger and we all started discovering new things and newly hidden depts in our souls, but now it’s the time to face the ‘discoveries’ accept them and change. We should accept the strong cosmic energy all around us and see with the eyes of clarity. We need to keep our focus sharp, but we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the solitude and silence.

In the darkness, you should find the light, but still, circumstances of the everyday life may result in serious subconscious disorders. We need to find balance in all and everything, but get rid of all negativity that impacts our lives. This is the time to cut the ties with all ‘fake friends’ and you already feel the energy. Like we already said, this is the time to see the things with clarity.

The energy of the Black Moon should be used for making progress in live and completing the process of change and rebirth. Black moons are pivotal for clearing negative patterns and catapulting us forward with a clearer, more focused mind, so to make the most of this energetic phase and manifest the life we want to be living, we can ask ourselves the following questions:

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Who and what nourishes my soul?

What stories am I telling myself that are keeping me trapped?

Why am I afraid to trust?

What do I need to do in order to love myself more?

How can I connect more with other people on a soul level?

Am I being honest about my emotions and being true to myself?

What do I need to do to forgive myself, and others, fully?

Who or what am I holding on to that is causing dysfunction in my life?

After you answer all of these important questions you need to face the truth. Only when you overcome the fear of change, only then you will be completely ready for releasing all negativity. Of course, life reshapes us dramatically and fast, but when you once experience a true enlightenment and gain the strength, you will be way stronger and always able to deal with all issues, old and new, by being sane, patient and wise.

Source: ElephantJournal

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