5 Indications That You Posses A Spiritual Gift And You Are Not Even Aware Of It

If you want to receive the messages and guidance from the spiritual world, you first have to believe that you are indeed capable of doing so.

Once you start believing in yourself, the signs will be much clearer to you and you will be able to see the changes in your life. Sometimes it even happens that we are born with certain gifts which we never recognize. Here are 5 signs that you would want to take notice of:

1. You see visions that foresee events of the future-

It might be in the form of a passing feeling while talking to someone, a thought that keeps recurring or dreams, but certain visions pop up in your head which later come true. This is one of the most sure shot sign that you have a gift.

2. You have the characteristics of an Empath-

The gift of empathy too is a highly spiritual one. It is no mean feat to be able to actually feel what others are feeling. It has both its ups and downs but it makes you uniquely able to help others.

3. You are highly intuitive-

Your intuition is very strong and that means that you also believe in your gut feeling. You don’t second guess or doubt yourself. It also makes you more receptive towards the messages of the universe.

4. You are often visited by nightmares-

Though everyone has nightmares, but those who have a spiritual gift often have nightmares that are lifelike enough to jolt them right out of their sleep. It might be a slightly stronger way of getting a message to you.

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5. You find yourself waking up at approximately the same time everyday-

Especially if that time is somewhere between 3 to 4 in the morning; this is the hour of the spirits as they are their strongest at this time and are trying to communicate with you. This hour is very potent for connections between the two realms.

Source: Soul Travel Roules

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