If You Want An Intense Kind Of Love, Fall For The Girl With Hyper-Empathy

If you want to feel the extreme utilized power of love and true passion try to forge a bond with a hyper-empathic girl. In this article, we explain why the girls with hyper-empathy make the best romantic partners and why the connection with them is sacred.

1. They want to explore their emotions to the fullest so they don’t like to feel caged emotionally

Like we said, the hyper-empathic girls have strong emotional side and everything they experience is intense. If you want to experience intense kind of love, this is the right choice. Empaths are not afraid to acknowledge and accept themselves. They want to see the depths of their own souls and the souls of the people they care about.

2. They know how to connect from the heart, so they always put respect and honesty first

They put honesty above all. They are extremely loyal and forge bond so strong, they feel you in their hearts. They won’t ever lie to you or be dishonest, but that’s what they expect in return. They will love you and admire you, not just using words, but even making serious sacrifices to show how deep their love is.

3. Their intuition is spot on so you won’t have a hard time communicating what you feel or don’t feel for that matter

As empaths, they will always know exactly how someone else is feeling, no matter the circumstance and they will never use that knowledge lightly.In return, they also expect to be taken seriously. Do not hurt them as they, more than anyone else, have to shoulder the burden of disillusionment.

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4. They have sensitive but strong hearts

They have soft and sensitive heart, but they acknowledge the world as it is. It’s extremely hard to wear a mask in front of an empath or lie to them. They are emotional and sensitive, but they have the guts to fight and survive.

5. They’ll always love fearlessly

When they are truly in love with someone there’s nothing that can hold them back or make them hesitate. Hyper-empathic girls will fight and put everything at risk to live the love of their life. The connection is strong and they value the bond as much as their lives.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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