4 Signs That Prove This Isn’t Your First Life On Earth

Reincarnation is represented as a religious or philosophical belief that when you die, you are reborn in another physical body on earth. The human spirit returns on earth in different forms in order to continue soul growth, karma alleviation, or some bigger purpose like helping other people progress as spiritual human beings.

Its very well known that the souls always strive to achieve full consciousness and perfection and these are the main reason for the neverending process of rebirth. There are much scientific evidence and proof to support this belief, as well as biographical stories from people remembering many things from their previous life. There are many ways to help you remember your past life, and so far hypnotherapy has shown to be the most reliable and effective way to help you discover your past memories. However it is not the only way for there is meditation and many other ways and indications that will help you open the gate of your past life. Here are some of them:

1. You’re good at reading people

Since you can remember, you always had a very good intuition when it comes to people. Even when you were a litle child you could very easily read other people’s mind, and know what’s in their soul, if they are good or bad, their interests and beliefs, and all this after a small interaction with them. As you grew your intuition became even more reliable. This happens mostly because you’ve seen the archetype of that person before in a past life and are familiar with the general behavior and psychology of that archetype. Since you’ve lived in many other past lives, there is hardly someone you haven’t interacteed within the past and that’s why you find all this familiarity around you.

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2. You Enjoy Isolation

Being lonely is what makes you satisfied. You enjoy your loneliness and want to ‘cruise’ through your thoughts. You value loneliness as something that defines your personality and gives you the advantage to reshape your life. You take ‘solo-breaks’ from time to time. You love to have a period of isolation when it’s hardest and you rise from the ashes like a phoenix bird.

3. You  REALLY don’t FIT in!

You stick out like a sore thumb wherever you go.  School, work, family gatherings.   You’re whole life, you have always felt a little out of place.  Being human is still something you’re getting used to, and may never get used to.  Behaving “properly” in public seems forced for you, and trying to maintain a meaningless conversation is painful for you. You don’t quite understand why humans operate the way they do.

It’s kind of like being a lion who thinks he is a sheep his whole life.  He behaves like a sheep and thinks like a sheep.  After living a few lives pretending to be a sheep, he realizes he is something much more than that.  He discovers himself and transcends his sheep-hood.  When he goes back into life again pretending to be a sheep, it feels unnatural for him because now he is just role-playing.

4. You have an evolved soul


You have an evolved soul- you are the lightworker of this world and want to bring positive change wherever you go. Are you the one who always starts the debates? Are you the one who is never afraid to raise his voice for justice? This is also a strong indicator that you see the world with clarity.

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Source: Qwaym

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