7 Cosmic Reasons Why The Universe Sends People Into Our Lives

The universe has its strange ways to send us different messages and show us the right path in life. However, not everybody believes in forces on a higher level of existence. Still, many believe in the concept of soulmates and the eternal love. Anyway, we shouldn’t discuss about people’s views, but about the strong power of the universe and the question: ‘Why the universe sends people into our lives?’.

People think that synchronicity stands behind all of this, but there is much more, way deeper reasons why the things happen the way they happen. Establishing a connection between two souls is a cosmic event, and in this article, we share the 7 reasons why the Universe sends people into our lives.

1. To Awaken Us Within

These are the people that will ‘ignite’ the inquisitive part of your spirit. Nothing will ever be the same after you meet a person that is supposed to awaken your spirit. You will start asking too many questions about too many things and you will feel the strong need for self-development and acknowledgement. These people should inspire you to find out more, learn more and grow as a person.

2. To Warm Our Hearts

These are the people who come to us when we are feeling down and out. They hold space for us and do small things that make a difference. These people are for the most part passing through and we never see them again but we think of them.

3. To Be There For Us

These are the people that become a permanent part of our lives. They are here for us through the things life throws our way. These are friends, family, and even lovers depending on the situation. They are our support system.

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4. To Teach Us A Lesson

Of course, some people are sent into our lives to teach us a valuable lesson and make us understand the true meaning of life. These lessons are supposed to help us grow and improve, to become more succesful and build our future as we truly want.

5. To Remind Us Of Something

Some people are just a reminder. Some people sent into our lives are carriers of old, buried emotions and feelings that are supposed to come back at you. Also, these could be a connection from the past life.

6.To Show Us What We Do/Don’t Deserve

These people come in the form of reward or a punishment. We often forget and neglect our spiritual side, we often make stupid mistakes and we move on. However, sometimes people enter our lives to remind us that we deserve or don’t deserve something. The universe always gives a second chance, that’s why there are people to remind us, but also, there are people to represent our punishment when we continue to consciously make the same mistakes.

7. To Learn From Us

Often, the universe sends people who have the need to learn something from use or use our help. These people are the ones we are meant to teach. While others have things to offer us we also have some to offer ourselves. We are able to share lessons from time to time and the universe sometimes sends people our way that needs to hear the words we need to speak.

Source: AwarenessAct

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