A Full Moon DOES Affect Our Sleep & It’s All Because of Our Inner Caveman

All of us have different sleep patterns, but we are all aware, consciously or subconsciously, how important sleeping is for both the mental and physical health. The great minds of the past even developed their own sleep patterns that enabled them to work at maximum capacity.

Also, according to many, sleeping has healing effects. For an exmaple, oversleeping could help you handle depression better. The emotional side of each person is closely connected to their sleeping. Dreams could represent a spiritual medium between you and the universe.

This year, 2018, is considered to be a year of radical changes. We’ve already witnessed the Blood Moon and we are about to see more lunar eclipses this year. The full moon, also, has a strong impact on our emotional profile. However, there is a secret link between the full moon and your sleeping patterns.

Experts suggest lighter sleep would have helped protect our ancestors from predators out hunting during a full moon.

Dr. Silvia Frey, of the University of Basel in Switzerland, said: ‘Our findings are the first that point to the existence of a circalunar clock in humans, but nobody has pinpointed it yet in the body.

‘We expect it works at a molecular level and in the brain, possibly in the hypothalamus, the same part that regulates the circadian rhythm – the body’s own internal clock.

‘Originally, centuries ago it would have made sense if you didn’t sleep as much during a full moon when there was a lot of light and a higher risk of being predated. In our ancient ancestors, it suggests this behavior would have been a protective feature.’

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You need be self-aware and know that the internal clock exists and it’s very important to follow the subconscious signs from our body and spirit.


Source: DailyMail

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