22 Savage Truths About Existence That Forces People to Get Their Shit Together

Life and existence in the 3-Dimensional world is a true enigma. Nobody prepares us or gives us manual how to live life when we’re born. We are all launched into the big chaos, determined to walk our path alone. Of course, there are many living beings in the 3-D world, and many other spiritual beings above that will try to guide your way, but still, it all depends on you.

We all shape our destiny and we determine our life path by making certain choices. However, we need to stay strong, determined and passionate in all things we do. Self-confidence and positive thinking are also ‘hidden gems’ that are going to make your whole life glisten. On the other hand, there are plenty of permanent things that happen in life that make us sad or depressed, but they are UNCHANGEABLE.

1. You’re Dying

No matter how much time and money you spend on making your life good, and perfecting it, it will always end no matter what.

2. Everybody You Know Will Die

You can’t constantly obsess over losing people and death, but you also can’t take anyone for granted. Eventually, everyone you know will die, and you might not be the last one to go either.

3. Wealth Isn’t Happiness

No matter what amount of money you have it will never cause you to be happy. Happiness is within, no matter the riches.

4. Searching for Happiness Makes You Lose It

Happiness is right under your nose. If you are constantly searching for something to make you happy, you’ll never suffice your hunger. In order to be happy you have to be happy with what you already have.

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5. Spend Time Not Money

You need to understand that money can’t buy happy memories or solve all of your issues. Try spending more time with the people you love instead of giving them money.

6. You Can’t Please Everyone

It is totally impossible! This exhausting ‘chase’ to satisfy everybody must stop imediately.

7. Accept Your Feelings

Acknowlede yourself and accept who you really are.

8. When You’re Gone, You’re Gone

Accept the death as ‘GAME OVER’ and never bother with your legacy.

9. Be Responsible

Accept responsibility as your highest principle of morality. Be responsible in all of the things you do, so you won’t be regretting after.

10. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Nobody is perfect, so you really don’t need to bother yourself with something like ‘becoming perfect’- such thing doesn’t exist. We all create constellations and concepts that define something as ‘perfect’.

11. Don’t Waste Talent

If you have a talent put it to use! Don’t let a god given ability go to waste!

12. Live in the Now

As much as we try to plan out and control our lives, we ultimately don’t control anything. You can try to predict the future and prepare for it, but it’ll never work out the way you think it will. Stop trying to perfect the future and stop dwelling on the past and you will achieve happiness.

13. Nobody Cares How Hard Your life Is

People are preoccupied with their own issues. The people who really love you are part of your life, of your soul, of your collective eistence… Don’t expect understanding and compassion from certain people.

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14. Share Your Knowledge

Share your knowledge with all the people you’ll ever meet and expect them to share their knowledge with you. In order to grow as a person and develop better, you need to communicate with other people, learn new things and, also, try to spread your views and knowledge to improve the society you live in.

15. Invest in Yourself

You always need to spend time on yourself. You don’t really need to be fully preoccupied with yourself only, but it’s very useful if you often put yourself first.

16. When Things Suck, Don’t react

Life might always throw us curveballs, but it ultimately comes down to the way you react to it. If you believe it is the end of the world it will really feel like it. However, keep your chin up and remain positive and you’ll see that things aren’t half bad.

17. Quit Dreaming and Do the Work

Dreams are for the birds, you have to make your biggest wishes come true. There are no wish granting genies even though we all still hope one will show up for us. It’s time to stop expecting things to change and change them for yourself. Want to be an actor? Go be an actor. Stop wishing and do it

18. Time is More Valuable than Money

We are so obsessed with money that we forget about the real terms of currency in life; time. We literally exchange 40 hours of our lives per week in exchange for cash. You have to realize that time is much more valuable than money. You can do a bunch more with it too.

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19. Be Grateful

No matter how bad you think you might have it, there is always someone who has it worse. Be happy and be grateful for the things you do have instead of wishing for the things you don’t! It takes the joy and value out of everything if you don’t appreciate it!

20. Donate Time

You should donate time to making your community better, not just money. The only way to get the ball moving on improving our society is by actually doing something about it. Step up and donate some time to the community!

21. Don’t Lose Yourself

It’s important to never lose your true sense of self throughout the journey of life. Always remember what is important to you and keep a sense of your priorities!

22. You Can’t Take Money with you When You Die

Some people waste their whole life saving their money and working hard for more. Suddenly, they realize that their life is ending, and then, they realize how wrong they were because they are not able to spend their money. Don’t be that person! It’s good to have savings, but don’t let to be overconsumed by money.

Source: AwarenessAct

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