Who Was I In My Past Life? 6 Ways To Learn More About What The Past Encoded In You

We’ve all wondered who we were before we were given this body and this life.

When you being your journey of discovery, you’ll realize that you share a bond with one of your personas from one point in time or there will be a common thread running through all your lives. You might feel the need to lay an unsolved problem to rest.

Keep reading to learn about a few methods you can use to find out about your past life.

1. Examine what attracts, interests, or creates a sense of nostalgia in you.

You might feel an intense attraction to some culture or tradition you do not belong to in this life. It could be anything from Zulu tribal dances to Confucianism to some castle in England.

2. Pay attention to repetition in your dreams.

Concentrate on those dreams that feel like they are happening in real time, especially if they are recurring dreams. You will receive communications from the deepest part of your subconscious. So if your dreams often come with a sense of abandonment that you cannot explain, it might a wound you are carrying from a past life.

3. Set an intention. Repeat.

Be clear about what you are looking for when you try to understand your past lives. Ask yourself the questions you want answers to before going to bed or before meditation. Do this often before you enter either state.

4. Reflect on the people you have attracted into your life.

See if you can recognize a common thread running through some of the more painful lessons you’ve had to learn from the people around you. Some believe that we are born into a soul group and all who are part of it have to work together to break the karmic cycle.

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5. Stare into a mirror or body of water.

Sit comfortable and turn down the lights. Concentrate on your questions and focus on your reflection. After some time, your face will begin to transform in subtle ways. Pay attention to the changes.

6. Connect the dots.

Combine all these methods and make a thorough exploration of who you used to be and the hurts you’ve carried through all these lives. There are other methods you can look at but these are the easiest you can try.

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