The Ring That Helps You Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat Anywhere In The World, In Real Time

The modern technology is a real blessing for all humans. We, of all living creatures, are able to ‘harvest the fruit’ of our extraordinary magnificent intelligence and spirits. We already accomplished things that would’ve been unimaginable for our ancestors in the past few centuries.

As the technology develops, humans make it more adaptable to the human nature. After all, we are all just spirits living in the material 3-D world. Our emotional and spiritual needs are sometimes so strong, so we develop the technology to satisfy our needs.

The way we communicate is also way more advanced in the past. The ways we connect and keep our connections are strange, but still, we use the technology to stay close to each other.

Scientists have found something amazing to keep partners strongly connected, stronger than anytime before. Amazing new rings created by a company called TheTouch, ‘HB RINGS’ allow you to feel the heartbeat of your partner in real time. It doesn’t really matter where are at the exact moment and this comfort will certainly put the minds at ease of all people struggling with the flaws of a long-distance relationship.

These rings are connected directly to your heartbeat and the heartbeat of your partner and are really easy to use, as you can see in the video below. Both the rose gold and stainless steel rings feature a Unibody sapphire crystal surface, which means that you can’t scratch them. These rings are made with the utmost care and the highest quality materials available.

These two rings are easy to sync together by using a simple smartphone app. All you need to do after is just tap the ring and you will be connected directly to your partner’s ring. Amazing!

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Source: higherPerspectives

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