9 Things You Need To Know About People Who Conceal Their Depression

To struggle with depression is a curse that falls upon all of those who are unlucky enough to put themselves inside the prison of depression. Depression is way more than just being sad and unhappy, it is a chronic mental disorder that makes people feel NOTHING.

Of course, the strong sadness, fear and even anxiety are all consequences of the huge tension and pressure that comes from literally nothing. To find the source of depression is very hard and you need to visit a professional therapist if you really want to get over with it. However, many people, especially the empaths, decide to hold their suffering inside. They just don’t want to bother others with their personal issues, meanwhile not seeing how dangerous it is for them to remain in the same physical and mental state. You also need to be aware that, sooner or later, depression strongly manifests physically, you lose or gain weight without control.

In this article, we share the 9 things that are going to help you find out if some of the people close to you struggle with depression and they are hiding it. It’s good to know that many people, especially the introverts, are not going to open in front of you, nor they want to talk about their inner-self. However, it’s all up to you to, at least, show solidarity and offers your help.

Their Personalities Don’t Reflect It

First of all, you need to know that EVERYONE may suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Nobody is immune, but sometimes you may think that the ‘brightest’ and most positive people in your social circles are strong and positve, so strong they became immune to depression. That’s not true. Robin Williams is the perfect explanation, may his soul rest in peace.

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Their Biggest Challenge Is Shutting Down Their Brain

They are constantly under pressure. They will try to shut down their minds, ‘fly away’ with their thoughts and ignore everything that’s happening around them. People with depression don’t think productively and often make big mistakes in their private and professional life.

They Fear Judgement Over Everything

Of course, this is just another big reason for hiding depression. In many societies or social circles, depression is still stigmatic. People will hide their depression because they don’t want to be attached to the ‘depression stigma’.

They Don’t Mean To Harm Anyone

They are not going to show anger or aggression. They will try to do the quite opposite- they will show empathy and positivity as much as they can. Of course, this may be just part of an act, but still, they struggle with their emotional numbness and self-suggesting and motivating may be a good solution to deal with depression.

They Know Many People But Trust Few

Social anxiety is always dominant to many people struggling with depression. However, depressive people with trust nobody else, but the people they truly love and rely on.

They Are Very Difficult To Know

High empathy and a thorough knowledge of pain make it so they are very relatable characters. Normally able to strike up a conversation with anyone. Few if anyone knows anything of real content or value about them.

They Are Very Smart

Smart people are the easiest ‘targets’ for depression. Their open minds and inquisitive view of the world is often the source of depression. This world is intoxicated with cruelty, elitism, hypocrisy, lies etc. Some people just can’t handle it.

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They Are Very Intuitive

During the periods of depression, all emotions may disappear, but your intuition is not going to let you down. Anxiety may be also the dominant feeling, but if you trust your intuition, be certain that will be your strongest weapon.

They Make Situations Worse For Themselves

This happens when they just don’t want to listen to their inner-selves. Often, people struggling with depression who don’t want to share their burden make situations even worse for themselves. They are lost in their suffering and they need your help. Don’t hesitate to talk with them and offer help.

Source: HigherPrespectives

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