20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life

Sitting in silence could bring great spiritual prosperity for every single one of us. Acknowledging oneself, practicing meditation and seeking spiritual enlightenment are all determined by tranquility, silence and solitude. Your own solitude can teach you many things. People spend weeks, months and even years in total silence, doing every single usual daily activity in silence. They learn many things. In this article, we share what a monk from Zen Monastery can teach us about silence.

1. Satisfaction

We are used to watching a lot of TV, spending so much time watching at the screens of our smartphones, doing trivial and stupid things that are meant to be some kind of sattisfaction. Spending time in silence will teach you how BANAL and dangerous this kind of lifestyle is. Try to find what truly makes your soul fulfilled.

2. Expression

You will learn that just a few simple words could tell much more than hours of chatter. Focus on telling what’s really important and learn how to value the power of word- this is an important lesson in life.

3. Appreciation

You will learn how to show appreciation to everyone and everything that makes you happy. Showing and respecting the value of others is what makes you bigger and wiser as a person.

4. Attention

This will teach you how to show attention to people and how important it is in keeping a relationship alive, either romantic or not. People are lost watching in their phones, distracted easily and confused most of the time.

5. Thoughts

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Silence should teach you how important it is to think with your own head. Your thoughts determine who you really are and how will you shape your own future.

6. Nature

Silence will teach you how to notice, nurture and love nature. Take a short walk outside in silence and you’ll discover the wisdom and peace that nature has to offer.

7. Body

Silence will teach you how to live inside your body and never lost track of it. This seems absurd, but so many people lose themselves in guilty pleasures and totally ruin their physical health.

8. Overstimulation

Silence will teach you the significance and importance of reducing stimulation.Enjoy some quiet time everyday. The less you see and hear, the more settled your mind can become.

9. Sound

Silence will teach you that the world is a rich texture of sounds.Sit in front of your house and close your eyes. You’ll be amazed at what you hear if you listen long enough.

10. Humanity

Silence teaches you that people display great beauty. Find a good spot to people watch with an open heart. What you see may inspire you.

11. Space

Silence teaches you that space helps me face hard times. The next time you face something difficult, pause and honor whatever’s arising.

12. Love

Silence teaches that love can be simple. Think of someone you haven’t said I love you to recently and tell them.

13. Courage

Silence teaches that the courage it takes to be still. When we stop moving everything we’re running from catches up. The next time you are afraid, stop and wait for it to pass. There is immense courage in your heart.

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14. Perseverance

Silence isn’t flashy, but it has an immense power to endure. The next time someone doubts you, instead of disagreeing, silently vow not to give up. Action speaks volumes.

15. Faith

Silence teaches to have faith in myself. The next time you begin to feel anxious, sit in silence and see if you can find the space of deep faith that lives in your heart.

16. Honesty

Silence shows the importance of telling the truth. Notice times where you tell little lies and try telling the truth instead. It isn’t always easy but it’s the first step to trusting ourselves and others.

17. Gratitude

At the end of every day sit in silence and ask yourself what am I grateful for. You’ll be amazed at the blessings you discover.

18. Simplicity

Silence teaches that simplicity and joy are close companions. Pick one space in your home you could simplify. Keep it simple for one month and enjoy the ease it offers your life.

19. Connection

Silence teaches that words can get in the way. Do something in silence with someone you love. It will be awkward at first but eventually, you will see what it means just to be in someone presence.

20. Truth

Silence shows a deeper truth than words ever could. Sit in silence once a week and feel the truth in your heart. It’s there whether you can express it in words or not.

Source: TinyBudha

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