If Any Of These 15 Animals Cross Your Path, You’re Being Contacted From ‘Above’

According to the Native American tribes, each message holds its own message and piece of information. According to the tribal shamans, when a specific animal crosses your path, it brings a message to you. These ancient beliefs are still alive and you have an opportunity to see what each animal tells.


Hawk has the ultimate vision, strong wings and patient nature. If you often see hawks, it means that you need to look at something more closely before proceeding. You are supposed to be patient and plan the things better.


Eagle represents spiritual protection and self-enlightenment. If you are a person that practices meditation and exists on a higher level of consciousness, and if you see eagles often, it could be that you are transcending or shifting into a new realm of consciousness.


This creature is definitely not the favorite and is considered to be a bad omen and represents death.Seeing a raven or crow very rarely indicates physical death, instead it is a sign of an upcoming rebirth.


The owl represents wisdom, tranquility and enlightenment. If you see owls too often it is a clear indicator that the universe is calling for you to pay more attention to your intuition and your inner self. If you have any gut feelings- try to find out the truth and trust them. This could also be a sign that you are closely approaching to revealing a big truth about your life.


Cardinals are known as the messengers from the deceased. If you see this animal often, it means that you are associated with some male deceased person or spirit guide.If you repeatedly see cardinals it could be a reminder that you are being loved and protected by this male, or a reminder to stay strong and confident in the path that you are walking.

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This is similar to the Cardinal. If you repeatedly see a Bluejay, it means that you are about to receive a message from a deceased female person or spirit guide. Also, it could be an indicator that someone in your family needs you.

Praying Mantis:

The praying mantis is here to teach you that is time to put the guard down and relax. It is time to find tranquility and peace in your life. You lived exciting and fast life, but sometimes you need to take a rest and set the priorities over again.


If you repeatedly see lizards or lizard imagery, it may be an indicator that you need to pay more attention to your dreams and goals. Perhaps you have lost sight of all that you can achieve or perhaps you are feeling negative about your abilities to achieve all that you desire.


Snakes remind us of our hidden or forgotten passions and dreams. Represents pure life force, but also egoism and solitude. If you see snakes too often, it means that you need to take a rest from the other people involved too much in your life and start chasing your wildest dreams.


Spiders represent creation and spiritual connectedness. If you cross your path with spiders too often it means you have to use your whole creative potential. It is time to trust your creative skills and use all of your ideas and inspirations to turn a new leaf in your life and create something that is going to bring true happiness and fulfillment.

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If you see dragonflies that’s a great song! Even if you are a loner, seeing a dragonfly means that your spirit guides, lightworkers, guardian angels and all divine beings guard your back. It also means that even when is hardest, you don’t need to fall in despair- there are people who love you and care about you.


The ladybug is commonly seen as a good luck sign and indicates that things are about to shift in your favor. Seeing ladybugs or ladybug imagery repeatedly may also be a sign of your need to pay gratitude for all that you have and the direction that your life is taking.


Butterflies come to remind you of the power of transformation and that there needs to be a shift internally before you can shift externally. If you are repeatedly seeing butterflies, it may be a sign that you need to change or release some thoughts or feelings that are holding you back.


If you are obsessed with this animal, you need to be aware that you’ve frozen the relations with your family and the people who truly care about you. These animals have a simple message for you- you have to end your solitude and get back to the people you love. Try to socialize and spend time with people more.


Foxes come as a reminder that there could be a different way for you to approach your life or see things. If you repeatedly see foxes or imagery of foxes, it could be that you need to adjust your thinking about something and the way you are approaching things.

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