How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality & Your Health Risks

You can determine many things about a person only if you observe their finger. This is an interesting concept that sounds stupid to many of us, but you will be truly surprised at how accurate it can be. In the picture below you have 3 options to choose. Take a look at your fingers carefully and decide which finger type do you have: A, B or C?



-You are an introverted person and you won’t open your soul easily. You will fight to show inner strength and independence even when its hardest.

– Deep inside you are an emotional and empathic person. When you forge bond with other soul, you nurture the relationship and show true loyalty.

-You hate liars and indecent people. You cant stand hypocrisy and disonesty-you keep away from this kind of people.

-You fight for your views and beliefs. You stand on solid ground and use your intelligence and wisdom to prove you’re right.

-Sometimes people find you eccentric and arrogant, but it is true that you are not really patient and tolerant.

– You enjoy having a good laugh, and can laugh at anything and everything as long as you are amused, even if it’s not so funny. Your expressions reveal all of your thoughts.

– You are not showing emotions easy and you are cold to most of the people, but the constraints of your personality are visible when you intensively show pure emotions to the people you truly love.


-You hate being the one who is going to break the ice. You don’t make the first approach and you follow the actions of others.

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– You are a lovely devoted person. You have a sensitive soul and you know how to show compassion, loyalty and solidarity.

– People love being around you because of your kind nature. However, you are being too sensitive and naive sometimes. This often leads to disappointments.

– You are very committed, once you set your mind on something, you’ll do your best to finish it until the end.

– You’re scared of getting hurt. You want people to think that you don’t need anyone, but you dream of finding your soulmate.


-You are a person that gets really angry sometimes and you easily engage in confrontations. However, you are always the one that will apologize first and regret.

-You love defending your own views and fight for your cause, but you are a person that loves to hear the opinion of others and values different ideas.

-You want to act bossy sometimes, but not because you are a mean person, but just because you struggle with your huge ego. On the other hand, you love to take care of others, be protective and provide them with everything they need.

-You are a straightforward person and you have no regrets when it comes to making a choice. You pick always what you really want.


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