Are You in the 1% of the World Population that is Genetically of Higher Frequency?

Do you sometimes feel like there’s something different in the way you exist? Have you ever thought that you may be special, different than most of the people? Well, there is a big possibility that you may be part of the 1% of the population that have genetic data very SPECIAL.

People who are considered to be part of the 1% are those who are always surrounded by high-frequency vibration. These people may also be some kind of lightworkers, but they are more attuned to their souls than to their physical body than most of the people.

Often these people are considered to naturally have a higher consciousness. Having high-frequency vibration all around your body has its own perks.

1. Your perception of your senses is way higher. You become self-conscious and self aware, you use your sense’s at full capacity and value your own view of all things.

2. You are extremely intuitive and, unlike many, you decide to listen to your intuition. Your inner-self provides you with useful ‘coded’ messages.

3. Your way of life on a higher frequency enables you to seek true wisdom and information, you use the rational aspects of life.

3. Meditation, out of body experiences, and lucid dreaming come more naturally to you.

4. Have you ever noticed that you have a general understanding of many things, like they just intuitively make sense, without much effort? This is yet another amazing trait you can thank your higher frequency for.

5. Others seem to be comforted easily by you and seem to have a change in demeanor when they are around you, versus being around the rest of the world.

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6. Negative people usually expose themselves and flee within a short time in your presence, because they can’t handle your positivity and love.

7. You are able to notice patterns and synchronicities where others aren’t.

8. You are more self-aware, and understand the goings-on of your mind, body, and soul. While others may not notice when something is off inside of their body, you do, because you are very aware of yourself.

9. You are a patient person and you won’t bother with overthinking what other say and think about you. You love and value your independence.

10. There is no frustration powerful enough that could make forget how to smile.

11. You love the human nature and you dedicate your life to helping others.

If most of these traits apply to you, then it means that there is a huge possibility to be a high-frequency vibration person. If you really are, you need to focus on meditating and growing spiritually. Your spiritual power and energy will certainly help you improve the quality of your life.

Source: SpiritualistPost

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