If You Have Experienced Any of These 30 Symptoms You Are a Natural Born Spiritual Healer

 For the most part, Spiritual healers who are also known as shamans exist in our world, to heal our soul and show us the way. They are very similar to guardian angels, with very little differences.

They are not different than any other human being, and they’re not easily recognizable. These are the signs that can help you acknowledge a spiritual healer when you meet one:

1 They tend to see the bigger picture

They are the opposite of shallow and vain and always look for a deeper meaning in life. They don’t let drama to run the course in their life, instead, they focus on the positive things and personal progress.

2. They have a different standards and opinions 

They have the tendency to think differently than most of us, and not only that but they don’t judge others, but find a way to understand them and the reason for their behavior.

3. They appreciate life

They feel deep respect and gratitude for life and all of its perks and flaws.

4. People ask for their advice 

People feel their positive energy, and empathy and often ask for their advice and rely on their opinion.

5. They feel different than the rest

As good as they may be, very often they feel misunderstood by the rest of the world. And even though this is a good thing at times it may feel difficult for them and most of the time they can feel like an outcast.

6. They can have a deep telepathic connection with people

They can easily feel one’s energy and emotions, their pain and troubles, and not only by their face and body language but also because they can see people’s aura and heal them.

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7. They are selfless

No matter the circumstances they are always and selfless in giving unconditional love, care and understanding, and they expect nothing in return.

8. They attract broken people 

As previously mentioned, their extreme empathy and love draw people towards them, and mostly broken people, people who are deeply suffering, in order to heal their pain, and spiritual brokenness and make them feel whole again.

9. They avoid large groups 

Because of their high empathy, they can very easily drain spiritually by other people’s negative energy, and that’s why they mostly tend to be with close friends and family.

10. They’ve suffered too

Being a healer doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t deal with everyday problems or that you haven’t suffered in life. Quite the opposite but you’ve outgrown it and became a stronger person, and more importantly, you’ve had an amazing spiritual growth.

11. They can tell when someone is sick

Like we already said, their strong empathic abilities make them true detectors of illnesses. This is one of their strongest traits.


15. They enjoy helping others

They love helping other people and that makes them feel good. It brings joy to them knowing that they have helped someone in need.

16. They hear and sense things that others cannot 

Their power to heal sometimes goes beyond the physical reality. They have had many mystical encounters.

17. They are very intuitive

They are highly intuitive and can sometimes scare people with their intuitive faculties because it is so accurate!

18. They have vivid dreams 

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Their dreams can be very vivid and dramatic. They might have visions of something happening in the future.

19. Their energy affects everyone

Their energy can affect people around you. Their happiness and cheerfulness affects everyone and puts them in a good mood. They always maintain to have your spirits high.

20. They deeply care about others

They are very selfless and you care about everyone around. They love to see people happy and it brings joy when they help them feel better.

21. They see the foolishness around

They can see all that is wrong with the world and the people in it.

22. They pay attention 

They pay attention to everything that is going on around you. You are also highly sensitive to energy and can detect everything.

23. You are an animal person 

You love animals and animals love you and like to be around you. They are sensitive to people like you and will naturally come to you.

24. You feel the emotions of others

Whatever someone around you is feeling, you are feeling it too. You can sense how anyone is feeling.

25. People around them don’t get sick much

Those who are closest to them do not fall ill that often. They keep them in good spirits by constantly loving them and they do what they can to prevent sicknesses.

26. They love healing crystals 

They need healing crystals around because they help you to boost your spirits.

27. They are able to establish a connection with divine beings

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They are truly blessed to be in touch with entities on a higher level of existence. Some of them are even ‘mediums’ who receive and share/apply the instructions from other lightworkers.

28. They know how to read energies

They can clearly see the auras of people. They are sensitive to energy and this is how they can easily spot negative people.

29. Their empathy manifests in physical pain

This is one of the extremes of being a healer. It’s very hard to hold strength and energy being a sensitive empath. Sometimes their empathy manifests physically.

30. They know how to value friendship

They are enlightened spirits who know what the true meaning of the human bonding is.


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