9 Signs Your Best Friend May Actually Be Your Guardian Angel

The existence of lightworkers is something that should let all of us know how blessed we are. The huge energy flow in the universe is determined by many rules and each of those rules defines the world as we know it.

Have you ever thought that maybe your friend could be a lightworker or maybe even your own guardian angel? See the signs below and decide for yourself:

#1 You felt like something was missing before you met them.

Synchronicity doesn’t exist- everythigs happens for a reason. If you have a strange feeling that something was missing before you met them- it could be a good sign.

#2 They know exactly who to cheer you up.

They have a special power on your mental profile and know how to shape your mood. If they are the ones who are always able to cheer you up, it could be another clear sign.

#3 You’ve told them most of your darkest secrets.

Our intuition often tells us when to trust someone or to remain silent. If your gut tells you that you can share the deepest and darkest secrets with your friend, there is a possibility that this could be a sign of a lightworker.

#4 They stood by you when others didn’t.

They show you unreserved support and they are always here to help you, even when all other surrender and give up on you. This proves that the person cares about you and is ready to make a sacrifice for your own wellbeing.

#5 You have a deep connection with them.

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Your relationship is so strong with your guardian angel that it’s like an unbreakable bond. You and your guardian angel will feel connected on a deeper and more spiritual level than other people. You likely feel as though you are more connected with this person than any other friend you’ve had before and maybe even more than your family. Your guardian angel will likely feel more like family than just a friend.

#6 You prefer to spend time one-on-one instead of being in groups.

The two of you would rather hang out alone with each other than in a big group of friends. You both enjoy your alone-time together because that is when you get to share your most intimate thoughts. When someone is truly your guardian angel you will find time to have that one-on-one social time that you cherish. The personal time the two of you share together is what makes your bond so strong.

#7 They help you with the best advice possible

They may put you in a position to make decisions that will change your life completely for the better. If you keep on changing as a person, they will help you become the best version out of you.

#8 They look out for you

They care about what you do and how you are feeling at a certain moment even when there is no need to worry. They just have the need to protect you and secure your good physical and mental health. If you feel that someone is ‘obsessed’ with you this way, it could be a sign of a guardian angel.

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#9 Their intuition tells everything about you

Your connection is so strong, they are able to feel whenever you are in danger, sick or when something bad is about to happen. Their intuition is so strong, you are amazed how deeply connected you are.

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