If You’re Feeling Off This Week, This Cosmic Event May Be Why

Strange energy flow stroke the Earth once again this month. In many of our previous article talking about this topic, we mentioned that the Mercury retrograde, as well as the earlier moon eclipses, will cause drastic changes and energy disbalance of the planet.

However, you don’t have to worry at all. This year, 2018, is supposed to be a year of positive changes, both on an individual and global level. The blood Moon earlier this year caused many people to start asking themselves questions that will reveal their true personality, many others felt really strange because of the energy disbalance caused by this cosmic event.

This caused over the last few weeks to raise the energy of the sun really high on our planet.At the moment, there is a massive chasm on the Earth-facing side of the sun. This 200,000km wide coronal hole ejected a high-speed plasma wind out into the solar system on March 13th. These ejections are so powerful and so fast (over 600km/sec) that once they get near the earth’s electromagnetic field, all sorts of geomagnetic events begin to occur. Solar storms like this one temporarily affect the earth’s magnetosphere as the solar wind and flares make contact with the earth’s aura.

The electromagnetic aura affects all of us, both physically and emotionally. The strongest effect of the storm will be felt in the period between March 21st and March 26th. This will be an extraordinary chance for all of those who are spiritually advanced and want to use this energy as a booster in their meditation journeys.

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However, if you are a healer or empath, this could be extremely difficult period. The people around you will feel the storm too, but most of them subconsciously, so they are going to be in a mental state difficult to explain.

The state could be seriously worsened if you receive too much of this energy. If your energy holds more light, there is a bigger possibility that this period you could experience some unpleasant manifestation of the cosmic storm. These are some of the ways it manifests to humans who hold more light in their body, especially people who work with bio-energy, healers, empaths etc.

-Headaches/temporary memory loss/aches and pains
-Nausea/upset stomach (solar plexus)
-Unsolicited irritability, anxiety, frustration, anger, worry.
-An unusual increase in hunger or thirst
-Increased awareness, intuition, insights
-Seeing energy/orbs/flashes of light
-Increased sensitivity to energy in the body like warm palms, buzzing chakras, crown tingles
-Increased synchronicities
-Increased awareness of positive/negative energy in others
-Technology disturbances

Energy cleansing is one of the perfect ways to keep mental strength. However, there is no reason to be afraid at all. It all depends how far you’ve gone with your spiritual ascension. Most of the people have nothing to worry about. Still, try to think positive, surround your body with high-frequency vibration and avoid conflicts.

Source: SpiritScienceCentral

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