Kundalini Awakening Ringing Ears: Why Am I Experiencing This?

Kundalini Awakening certainly causes a lot physical and spiritual trouble to those who seek for their spiritual enlightenment. The awakening of your chakras and performing the ultimate kundalini awakening is a process that is extremely complicated.

For all of those who practice meditation and other spiritual practices, is not that hard to ‘sail’ in the unknown and feel the power of the energy all around us with all of its benefits. On your spiritual journey, you may encounter many pleasant and unpleasant things, you are able to truly acknowledge yourself and find answers to all questions that are bothering you.

However, Kundalini Awakening is a pure awakening in all dimensions and forms of existence of oneself. The opening of the chakras in your body means that you are fully committed to a radical change. Both PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY you engage a process of making a strong energy disbalance and discovering the core of the truth of your purpose and existence.

When you perform advanced spiritual techniques like this one, you need to be fully aware that the effects manifest both physically and mentally. The material world co-exists with the spiritual and your spirit cannot be healed or awakened if your body isn’t.

A common issue with kundalini awakening is ringing ears. However, that’s just one little part of the story. To understand the ringing ears, you need to focus on all chakras and see the effects of chakra awakening. Let’s take a look at the effects kundalini awakening has on the body. The imbalanced energy flow is the main reason why ringing ears bother us. The throat and third eye chakras are mostly responsible, however,  it’s good to know how each chakra affects your physical and mental health.

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Root Chakra
In the root chakra, we may feel increased levels of anxiety. Even the jitters! This chakra deals with our survival impulses.

Sacral Chakra
In the sacral chakra, we can suffer from problems with self-indulgence.We might overeat, drink too much or fall to addiction.

Solar Plexus Chakra
In the solar plexus chakra, we are consumed by the ego.We overidentify with our own needs over the needs of others and can become greedy and unsympathetic.

Heart Chakra
In the heart chakra, we suffer the opposite. We needlessly indulge in self-sacrifice in the pursuit of love, we give things up that we shouldn’t.

Throat Chakra
In the throat chakra, we find difficulties in communicating.We talk too much and listen too little, lose our filter and begin to babble. All while not really communicating what we intend to.

Third Eye Chakra
In the third eye chakra, we are buried in our senses.We suffer from ear ringing as mentioned, but also blurred vision, light sensitivity, auditory hallucinations and all sorts of other sensory overloads.

Crown Chakra
And finally, in the crown chakra, we do not suffer from the overactivity.In fact, kundalini awakening only allows us to access the spirituality inherent in the crown chakra.

As you can see, there are so many physical manifestations of spiritual awakening. You don’t need to worry- you just have to remain strong and focused, and, of course, take the best possible care of your body. Be physically active as equally as spiritual, live a healthy life and be cautious to read the signs and messages your body sends you.

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Source: SpiritualUnite

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